Holiday Planning Las Vegas Style

The Cosmopolitan of Las VegasAh, the holidays! Such a joyous time to reminisce with loved ones over a glass of spiked egg nog or perhaps a skate around the Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan. Yes, skating across waters above the Strip of Sin City. Unheard of?! Well, then you haven’t visited Las Vegas during the wintery holidays on our near horizon. Now the waters of course are iced over for the blades of skates to whisk festive resort revelers across as the neon and LED screens of the Strip below making for the only selfie-taking senecio! With our annual trip plans in the works, still hard to believe we are talking Thanksgiving already, here’s where and what we will be thanking Santa for come Christmas Day. Read on…

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We have spent the greater half of our holidays together in Las Vegas. It’s our escape and special treat to ourselves. My husband loves it and I worship the fact he loves it as much as I do! Ever since finding our special relationship with The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, we’ve stayed there a dozen times now! They treat us well and we in return are loyalists. I’ve stayed in (almost) every resort on the Strip and then some and find The Cosmo to be what our doctor orders each and every time. Sometimes we are there for Xmas, sometimes earlier but always Vegas, baby!

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Being fairly peculiar about our planning and what we like to get into when we arrive, I always make sure we are well thought so not to find ourselves without a reservation for culinary or show needs. Rumors that Las Vegas is quiet during the holidays are simply not true! I’ve never been there and it not be busy. I just checked The Cosmopolitan website and see where they have two new eateries, Milk and Momofuku, opening late ’16 so hopefully we will catch them while we are there for our three-night getaway! While I was scrolling their web domain my stomach growled for a brioche egg sandwich with bacon at Eggslut. I believe we’re eaten everywhere at The Cosmo, some trips never leaving the resort. Never a bad meal! And don’t forget the secret pizza place on the third floor for a quick nosh.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Since Christmas falls on Sunday this year our departure out isn’t completely mapped out but it soon will be. I’m soon to book tickets to a few shows perhaps a Cirque production like KÀ or Mystère, even though Le Rêve is a personal favorite! Many of the headliners like Jennifer Lopez and Britney are not scheduled I’m assuming because they have families but many of the staple shows keeping Vegas going on high above flying on trapezes and the like. Travel Tip: Sign up for the rewards program at the resorts (i.e. Identity at The Cosmo, M Life at MGM resorts) for special incentives. M Life offers a substantial discount on show tickets including KÀ which probably will be our play for some theatre culture.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Speaking of playing, I definitely want to hit the casino for the Blackjack 21 tables like last holiday season. I’ve been studying my best-case-senerio chart for slaying 21. The pretty dealers we met at The Cosmo were very informative to help the novice in me. I had a blast! It could also be the pitchers (notice the plural) of delicious sangria we drank at dinner at Jaleo upstairs beforehand. Needless to say we had a boozy ball! If I remember the facts correctly the next morning I was feeling it. It never ceases to amaze me who and what have sold their likeness for the sweet sounds of jackpot playing on slot machines featuring Sex and the City, Iron Man and rock group KISS. The energy is electric. I live for the excitement! Casino floor, here we come!

The Ice Rink at The Cosmopolitan

The older we get and that means all of us, the faster time flies, huh?! I suppose it’s this way because we’ve (meaning men and women of a certain age) had more life to judge time against than someone younger. I continue to encourage everyone to #LiveLifeNow when they can, every time they can! Whatever your plans are for the holidays, make them festive, merry and bright, Mary! You live once, make it count and get your damn life somehow, somewhere, someway with someone who means something to you!

Yahass, Queen! GETCH YO’ LYFE! X


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