Absolutely Fabulous Movie Review

AbFab Movie I just got home from seeing the much anticipated film Absolutely Fabulous starring the incredible and hysterical antics of Edina and Patsy played ever-so brilliantly by Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley. If you’re a fan of the show that rose in popularity mid-90s you will absolutely love this fabulous addition to their catalogue. I’ll see how many times I can words “absolutely” and “fabulous” into the following sentences. Let’s go to the movies, and grab those snacks!

STOP! Spoiler Alerts Ahead! If you plan on seeing the film, please don’t read any further if you want to prevent yourself from having your viewing eye swayed and attention spent looking for detail. I read a few reviews before seeing it and they varied mentioning a few points of interest I definitely looked for. I knew since I was a huge fan of the series I’d love the movie. And I was right! These two ladies in their characters make me smile and remind me of a simpler time.

AbFab Movie

Picture it… Atlanta, circa ’95. Me and my gaggle of gays would gather at one’s apartment to cackle and coo at the show, AbFab to true diehards. However, I didn’t realize that the show was actually on its first run the entire length of my tenure living in Hotlanta from ’92-’96. Then of course the show spawned into a few specials and TV films cementing itself into our television lexicon. I have all of the DVD boxsets and LOVED the series.

The movie picks up as Patsy is busy as an editor at a fashion magazine and Edina is desperate for clients to keep her PR firm afloat. Daughter, mom, Bubbles and crew are mostly all back for the adventure that takes our duo down catwalks (the opening scene is a scream) all the way to hijinks in the beautiful Cannes, France involving the world’s precious gem Kate Moss. The obligatory falling Backwards out of the car drunk even happens which Saunders says is in honor of Bananarama and one drunken night out with the trio! Plenty of star cameos, tons of referenced bits from the series and Kylie Minogue singing the closing credits.

We haven’t been to the movies in years. Redbox gets our rental money as we wait for films to make their way around. Thanks to one of our trainers at the gym, we had two tickets from an Xmas gift saved over so we spent $0 there. Beforehand we went to World Market as I grabbed snacks for the film. Don’t judge me! We still purchased a $6 Smart Water at Regal Theaters so, yeah…. Our plan to sneak away to the movies to sit in a dark air-conditioned room backfired as the hubby sat in sweat. I was too far away from the door to go complain because every other queen in Palm Springs also had the idea of seeing the film.

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. There were, however, a few misplaced trans jokes I truly feel the movie could have down without. They just fell flat and I don’t think it’s a real joking matter. A few of them get lost after a punchline from a previous joke but they are in there. The only reason I see them being in there is to have some relevance in today’s culture and conversation. There’s a cute twist at the end I enjoyed. Lumley’s “Patsy” hasn’t aged a day in her life. Edina goes from pathetically “oh no, bless her heart” to right on top, again. A sequel? Absolutely, that would be fabulous!

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