Celebrating Fourth Of July in Las Vegas

Steven MichaelYou know how it goes… Firecracker! Firecracker! Boom, boom, boom! Firecracker! Firecracker! Boom, boom, boom! The boys got the muscles (in Sin City, everywhere gorgeously), the teacher’s got the brains (I’ll teach you all of the sins of this city), the girls got the skinny legs (atop Christian Louboutin stilettos, inside freakum dresses) and we won the game (each trip to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is always a WIN!) Here’s the sordid story of our fabulous trip to the Strip of Las Vegas for their Fourth of July celebration. What happens in Vegas often ends up here on my web domain and through my Instagram feed. Well, the stuff rated PG-13 and below.

The Las Vegas Strip

The husband made room reservations with his Identity program and I arranged a few incredible dinners for us at the resort. To know me is to know I love me some Sin City. And Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has been our home for the last 10-11 trips. I’ve lost count. They ALWAYS treat us well and we return to the mega resort twice a year spilling our words and admiration to anyone who will listen about how magnificent The Cosmo truly is. We’ve sent a few good people their way. If you haven’t been, please go and thank me later.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Sunday the 3rd, we got up early and headed to the Nevada state line as fast as we could go very anxious and excited. Blessedly we got through the quiet postcard-esque 29 Palms route safely and swiftly, and into Primm before pulling off I-15 on Flamingo and into the resort. VIP whisked us through check-in even with our early arrival. We finally found our room overlooking the Strip in the East Tower on the 60th floor. Spectacular! Stories below us was the Boulevard Pool which was packed with beautiful bodies and purple lounge chairs.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

We grabbed lunch at Overlook Grill by the pool after receiving our Summer’s Essentials swim bag with pool swag part of a resort package Jacques signed up for. Always check The Cosmopolitan website for sweet deals throughout the year! He caught up of some tweets and I cruised the skin circulating. Baby, the boys in Las Vegas don’t want a minute of it. (Translation: THEY ARE HOT!) Steven Loves Men! There, I said it. Walking our lunch off, we checked out some of the new changes happening at the resort and dropped a few dollars in the Wheel of Fortune slot machines before heading back up to the room to rest a minute.

Jacques - Steven Michael

Dinner was at Jose Andres’ Jaleo and as we discovered last trip, this Spanish gem is everything. We sat down for our 7:30 reservation through my dear friends in P.R. and immediately were served with three plates of bruschetta, cheese and crab inside endive “compliments of the chef.” Man, it’s just so good!  The woman next to us was about to jump on our table for a taste so I let her try our sangria and the cheese. I’m a giver. We also enjoyed paella, bacon-wrapped dates (TO DIE!) and the perfect dinner together.

View from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

A few of the resorts on the Strip were doing fireworks on July 3rd. I’m assuming that is because people were driving back on Monday to work Tuesday, perhaps. However, our bellman told us when we were checking out on the 5th there 1400 rooms that day leaving and only 800 the day before, the 4th. After dinner we walked outside next to Bellagio Fountains just in time for the show over Caesar’s Palace. The lights on their sign went dark and the fireworks began. From our angle we weren’t close enough to see skydivers landing on the Strip in front of Caesar’s as part of their show. Stratosphere and Mandalay Bay also had firework displays.

Fireworks Las Vegas

Afterwards, I finally sat my ass down to play Blackjack 21 again. The dealer who was so amazing last trip teaching us the ropes even recognized us and mentioned Palm Springs. Good memory, gal! That was Christmas. I leaned over her table and replied, “Beautiful, with brains!” However, I missed her as my dealer and ended up losing a few bucks with another sweetheart who again recognized us. I love playing Blackjack 21 but it goes very fast, as can your money. I quit before I dipped deeper in my chips and called it a night.

Steven Michael

Monday we ordered coffee to the room before rinsing the night prior off us as we headed down to the Boulevard Pool for sunshine, food and frozen drinks. Our chairs were positioned above it all. The solar rays were beating down on us. Trance music played through the speakers. And the cocktails began! The first one gave me a brain freeze that kept coming until I was weak. We wondered down to the water and dipped in, chatted with two other California couples about Speedos vs. Board Shorts on men and if the one woman needed the Cool Sculpt. She was tiny, FYI. Everyone in Vegas is there to have fun, relax and get into their escape whatever that may be.

Jacques - Steven Michael

Jacques ordered us some food including crab cakes, chicken fingers and something with tuna, I believe. I’ve never had bad food at the resort! Ever. Can’t wait to go back in the fall and check out their newest culinary explores. More cold blended rum gems for the warm day and lively conversation with our Rancho Cucamonga heterosexuals before retiring to the room for a nap. We spent a good few hours lounging and escaping. It was exactly what we both needed!

Eggslut Las Vegas

On the way back up to the suite, I quickly stopped by for a bite to taste new eatery Eggslut featuring all day breakfast sandwiches on brioche bread. The thought of that just made my stomach growl. They also have homemade biscuits I didn’t get to try. Sad face emoticon! Later in the evening, STK had our name all over it for dinner at 8. We go there every trip. Their house DJ turns me out! And the atmosphere inside the restaurant is hip, exclusive-feeling and very special. Jacques proudly devoured two-dozen oysters while I noshed on tune tartare. Thinking back, we barely left the resort all weekend.

Boulevard Pool - The Cosmopolitan

There were a few slot machines that took our money downstairs in the casino after we had delicious dessert at STK. I watched other people playing the table games and in my mind played along with what I would do. Pageant Papi on a pageant budget here! Had to watch the coins (pronounced: koyyyenzz). The husband won a few dollars as I looked for someone to discuss getting the money back that I had lost. Back in the room, last glances at the neon lights and LED marquees that create the magical appeal of Las Vegas from our balcony before pulling the curtains closed on another day in the city I love with the man I love. Across Henderson and the desert beyond we could see continual bursts of color firework explosions far away from the Strip. Vegas, I can’t quit you. Until next time…

Boulevard Pool - The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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