Happy Holidays at The Cosmopolitan

Steven MichaelEven though we brought mom into Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, the husband and I decided we needed a trip for ourselves. So we booked another one bedroom terrace suite at The Cosmopolitan, scheduled a few dinners at the resort and looked ahead to arriving Christmas Eve for a few days and nights of chilly Sin City debauchery. My good brother Brandon and his girl Megan were also heading over so we planned on connecting with them for some food, drink and memories. And as my readers know, what happens in Vegas rarely stays there when I’m penning the tale. Here’s the Tea…

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

We worked a short day at the gym on the 24th and immediately punched it out of town towards the Nevada state line, past Primm and into our home away from home, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Traffic was painless. Once we got to the resort celebrating its 5th year anniversary and through VIP check-in, we were escorted off into a new lounge for those checking in through VIP for a cocktail for myself and Jacques got an espresso before heading to our room with keys in hand. Off towards the East Tower we strutted, vintage Pan Am bag in tow draped in the crook of my elbow alá Lindsey Lohan, screwdriver (drink not tool) in hand, iPhone in the other giving it to them all as we floated by. We’ve never stayed close to where our 65th floor suite was positioned. We were high, pun intended. The Bellagio fountains gushed below and views of The Strip I had never seen before emerged and delighted thine eyes as dusk brought on the lights of hotels, marquees and the like. Heaven.

Steven Michael - Brandon Wertz

My doll in P.R. sent up some fabulous champagne so I texted over to my boy Brandon for them to join us for a drink before our Spanish dinner at Jose Andres’ masterpiece Jaleo downstairs. Our dinner reservations were for 8 p.m. where we were ushered in to a cozy booth right up near the warm open fire pit our food was prepared on for an up-close and personal experience. Small plates and tapas are the menu’s strength. We noshed on bacon-wrapped dates, lobster paella and black-footed pig of Spain while discussing world domination and getting our luck and life in the casino later in the night. The food was truly outstanding! We can’t wait to get back and try more of the menu.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

After getting our true culinary life on, we wondered down to the casino. I finally sat my ass down at a table and played Blackjack for the very first time in my life! My table cherry had been popped! I’ve been to Las Vegas over 30+ times and have never played a game other than slots. Our dealer was very sweet giving me a crash course in how to bet/play/win. 1 bottle of champs, 2 pitchers of sangria, 3 hours of cards and at least 5 screwdrivers at the 21 table and we were good and turned up when it was all said and done. Yes, God! My girlfriend and Vegas showgirl superstar Amber even slid into see us downstairs after her gig at Wynn while we played a few rounds with her. After scooping up my few winnings (I was ahead!) and said goodnights, we headed up to bed. I fell right in and didn’t move until morning when it all came rolling back to me. Ugh! I admitted it. I had a teench of a hangover, I ain’t gonna lie. I was feeling some type of way about it.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

I nursed my crunchy feeling until a hot shower shook it off, and a strong coffee from downstairs at Va Bene. After some mulling around with our thoughts about lunch, we decided to check out D.O.C.G. inside The Cosmo since it was one of the very few restaurants we hadn’t eaten at yet. We’ve now eaten at every amazing restaurant the resort has to offer! It was very quiet which was fine, like so quiet we were the only ones there. The hostess tried to seat us almost in the very back of the place hidden and I wasn’t having that so we moved forward. I didn’t get her reasoning on it but she tried it with two other tables after us and they stayed put. To attract people you have to show that people are there eating believing in what you are presenting. Case closed. As the kids say, SMH. The Italian food was very tasty and a nice relative to its parent Scarpetta from the deliciously debonair Chef Scott Conant.

Bellagio Christmas

Afterwards we found ourselves fighting the crowds at Bellagio for their Xmas holiday display. I couldn’t wait to get out of there! It was chaos. Whoever said Christmastime in Las Vegas was a quiet was misinformed. Bellagio is beautiful but the traffic flow inside is dreadful. more like non-existent. From there we waltzed to the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood and perused the windows. The Ice Rink was going strong on Christmas Day at The Cosmo but we opted out of skating for a quick peek and back to the room for a bath in our Japanese sunken tub and rest before dinner at STK.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Dressed in our dinner best, our reservations at STK were for 8 p.m. We arrived and were sat in our usual spot, positioned perfectly for a compete scope of the scene. I had the tuna tartare and precious filet while Jacques had 2 dozen oysters and perfectly rare steak. The DJ was giving me everything I needed for a light old school groove and cute addition to our Pinot Noir. WE HEART STK! We eat there every trip and love every minute. The casino soon called our name as Jacques and I bunkered down at a Blackjack table for another few rounds.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The girl that was so wonderful with us the evening before actually was the dealer giving breaks the other dealers. We had her a few good times and loved her! However, we only had her once the second night and the girl we primarily had as our dealer was “calling it in,” so to speak. She wasn’t rude but wasn’t paying attention to where the cards were flying about and seemed to rather be anywhere but there. We played another hot minute but soon called it a night. A dealer can make or break a game and I believe that. But I sure love the sound of those chips dropping against one another in a my hand! There’s a great camaraderie at the tables and I can now see the seductive appeal.

Steven Michael

The next morning we ordered breakfast in the room as we packed up our bags for the trip home. Sad faces but happy memories. I waited for the bellman while Jacques headed down to Valet for our car. I checked-out on the television as the bell rang for our bags. The attractive bellstud mentioned there were 800 rooms checking out on that day and 1400 the next! We were thankful we decided to leave Saturday. Another amazing adventure staying at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. There is NO other place like it. Period. We’ll be back very soon! Promise.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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