Taking On Circus Circus Las Vegas

Steven MichaelI just returned from a quick trip over to Las Vegas where I stayed at the past-its-prime Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. Now, to be a fan and follower of my blog here you know I am a faithful follower of The Cosmopolitan and have stayed there the last seven times we’ve been to Sin City. However, it may be eight. I’ve lost count. But since this was a business trip I was on a budget and opted to save some coins and find an alternative. Through my membership at Last Minute Travel Club online I found myself reserving a room in the Casino Tower at Circus Circus. Via reviews on Trip Advisor (I do my research!) and prices, placement and the like, I hit submit and my confirmation was sent. Here’s my story.

Circus Circus Las Vegas

I didn’t have high expectations because anyone can see that the hotel needs to be razzed and built anew. It’s a great concept because it’s fun for kids and families with its level of arcade games, arial acrobats and the kind of fun one would find when they win prizes at the state fair. And there’s a Krispy Kreme onsite! It’s truly seen its day being from the pre-Mirage era as the facade and majority of the hotel is needing of some special attention. The rooms in the Casino Tower were the best they had to offer so that was my play.

Krispy Kreme

My drive into Vegas was painless. I traveled alone this trip which was the very first time I had ever done that in the 30+ times I’ve been to Las Vegas. I’ve always been with parents as a teen or friends and now my husband when we go together. It was all on me which was very, very different. It always is interesting traveling alone when you are surrounded with other people you don’t know and will not know. My check-in was quick and actually early. I walked up and she keyed me with directions to the elevators. The lobby was chaos! People in groups everywhere waiting for I’m not sure what but it wasn’t me waiting.

Casino Tower Room Circus Circus

In my room it was exactly what I expected. The best way for me to describe it would be a room at Hampton Inn. Not horrible but not luxury. Decent and clean. My view was of Wynn/Encore and the makings of the soon-to-be Resorts World which is going to be absolutely enormous. I unpacked and hit the Strip going down to the new SLS to see what they had done to the old Sahara. It was a hike and I welcomed the air condition from the solar heat monster outside! SLS is very trendy with bass music pumping from their Pool Club and girls with too skimpy of bikinis on following guys full of swagger and vodka. It amused me for a minute or too just observing the scene as a bystander.

Saturday evening I had a ticket to see Pitbull in concert at Planet Hollywood and headed over after a shower and some food, and a very quick but strong screwdriver. I was feeling a bit turned up, no Tea. I grabbed a t-shirt at the merchandise stand where a cute bear named Garrett flirted with me and then told me he was buying something for his wife and in-laws. I think I may have touched his chest, I’m not sure. Eh, in Vegas… The concert was everything! Pitbull turned it out, he truly did. I don’t believe I sat down but once the entire time, maybe twice. The entire room stood and danced the night away. His energy was electric and I don’t use that word. He sung his hits and gyrated his Cuban sausage, had six hot dancers around him giving me life and a confetti orgasm at the end that covered the Axis Theatre in paper strips. Fierce and beyond!

Pitbull Las Vegas

The next morning I found my way downstairs to the Circus Buffet. Oh, child. Pass. I mean… Again it’s like if the Hampton Inn had a “buffet” not the continental breakfast they already offer. It was a Vegas buffet but if I wasn’t desperate for a bite of something I would have found myself elsewhere. Eh, meh! It is what it is. Now we know. I walked around the property and into the Adventuredome where roller coasters, more aracadery and the like found homes. It was just opening up but the coasters were going and they did look fun. But I had just eaten the food so I thought not really now. Once I found the pool, I kept going. Girl, no! It’s pathetically placed in the very back of the property next to a parking lot. Just tragic! Sad face emoticon, the house down.

Las Vegas

I rested for a few minutes back in my room before meeting my favorite Vegas showgirl and best girlfriend Amber for a rehearsal. This lady is one of the stars of Fantasy at the Luxor Resort and Casino. Simply amazing to watch her perform. She inspires me! Amber was helping me with some choreography for the contest so I met her at her place and we went down to one of the gyms. She lives in a high-rise condo in Panorama Towers and her windows face the Strip. I was fucking dying! Its quintessential Las Vegas. I want to live there! Seriously. I was gagged, still am.

Mandarin Bar Las Vegas

Later that evening after a nice shower I found my way to Mandarin Oriental Resort to have a delicious glass of Pinot Noir and some Kobe Sliders before seeing Amber’s show at the Luxor later on. The view from the 23rd floor at Mandarin Bar is spectacular! Well worth the trip there. I suggest everyone do it when they are in Las Vegas. Luxurious furnishings and comfortable chairs to lounge in while you become mesmerized by the neon marquees along the boulevard. Sinful Sin City Bliss.

Steven Michael

I got to the box office and grabbed my ticket to Fantasy with a few minutes to kill. Once inside I grabbed a cocktail in my souvenir tumbler and found my third row seat nestled in between some heterosexual bromancers and felt right at home. The show is fabulous topless Vegas entertainment with hot choreography and gorgeous women. I may be gay but appreciate a beautiful female body. There’s every type in this production so if I have any straight buddies out there reading along, check this show out! Amber was amazing as usual and a complete joy to watch dance. I said my goodbyes after the show in the lobby and stopped in the neon diner masterpiece Peppermill to grab some late night munch while I checked emails and caught up on my iPhone.

Steven Michael

Would I stay there again? Of course, if I was on a budget. It’s not going to be my first pick but now you and I know what’s up at Circus Circus Las Vegas. In a nutshell… Sin City, on a budget.

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