A Pageant Contestant’s Testimony

Mr. Gay USofA ContestsI’ve become guilty of doing something I read others for many times in social media, especially Facebook. I’ll post this about that expecting everyone to know what I’m talking about and unfortunately not everyone knows the Tea. (Tea = Truth, FYI) With the push towards my run to become the national Mr. Gay USofA 2015, I’ve had a number of people ask me exactly what I was involved with. I’ve put a number of promos and adverts out to get some buzz and hype going to hopefully gain support for my attempt which has brought on what I was looking for, inquiries and quizzes. It’s hard for me to keep quiet about something I’m excited about being involved with so I’m not afraid of promoting it. Plus, I love talking about my intentions because it makes me feel even more ready!

The gospel of the USofA system has slowly found itself on the west coast but pageantry and competitive entertainment isn’t as wide spread as it is in the midwest, south and east coast especially in Florida, Texas and Atlanta. I seek these opportunities out for myself so I may, as I often say, “get my life.” This is my second year competing in the national competition of a system that also houses divisions for drag kings, biological female showgirls, entertainers bigger in stature, ones that are closer to 41 than 21, and the legacy of Miss Gay USofA that’s been around for over 30 years.

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I went to Bakersfield in June and qualified at the preliminary Mr. Gay California USofA by getting first alternate and winning the Interview category. This enables me to go to the nationals in San Antonio, Texas in November and compete once again. The competition has three categories and it’s held just like a beauty pageant although it’s considered more of a contest since this is the male division. There is an interview that’s held with the judges privately to get a better feel for the contestant and if they would be the best representative. Clubwear and Talent categories also come into play. These are performed onstage in front of an audience. There are preliminary nights and there’s one final night where the top 12 compete again. You have to score well enough in your preliminary nights to qualify to make it into the top 12 so being strong with consistency is key. And since highs and lows are dropped in scoring, there’s fairness for all! Our Interview scores carry over but Clubwear and Talent are fresh scores on final night.

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Last year I traveled alone, performed solo and I luckily got into the Top 12. I was thrilled and floored at the same time. In the past I’ve had a many generous sponsors to help with things like travel, flights, dancers, wardrobe, costumes, et al. but have never once begged for money because I truly believe that if you can’t compete on your own merit and budget then it’s time to rethink your competition package and plan differently. And that’s ok! Financially, the adventure this time is all on me so I’m going into Texas this November with my best and biggest guns blazing to fight a good fight with what I can offer without pulling a Bonnie and Clyde on the folks. I’m excited about getting back on that stage once again to show what I can do and feel that spotlight.

I’ll never stop dreaming. I’m blessed to be able to do the things I do the way I want to do them. Age has never stopped me from accomplishing anything I really want. It never has. And not everyone gets why I do this and that’s fine. It’s not for everyone but it’s for me. I enjoy the feeling of taking part in something bigger than I am alone, feeling the camaraderie of competitive brotherhood and encouraging others to go out and get their piece of life. For anybody who would like to donate support either monetarily or by words of special encouragement feel free to contact me privately. It’s much, much appreciated. ❤️

xo Steven Michael

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