Discovering Who Caitlyn Jenner Is

When I first heard the rumors throughout media that Olympian star and athletic hero Bruce Jenner was beginning his transition to becoming a woman, I admit it was hard for me to believe. I just didn’t see it coming. Sure, in photos we clearly could see that he had what appeared to be some touchups or face work as Bruce and let his hair grow out. Everyone I’ve ever known to transition took a longer road than what seemed to be ahead of who we now know as Caitlyn. And in the same breath I wasn’t around her to witness or know her personally so I could never answer to what she has been going through. And man, has she ever made a splash and created an unique platform for everyone transgender that has never been seen or heard before. More, please!

Seeing Bruce sequestered into the background of the reality volcano Keeping Up with the Kardashians while he let his femme fatales of brunette hue play in the front seemed always second thought. As many of us read in Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair interview, her coming out in full trans glory, we know that that was exactly what was happening. Bruce clearly yearned for his moment in the spotlight as his true self out from the shadows of the females of KUWTK. She has done just that with her new reality show I Am Cait, telling her story – her way.

We enjoy watching her show on Sundays even thought ratings and viewership hasn’t been a’plenty. I do hope Caitlyn is able to come back for another season and continue the conversation that has shed light about the transgender community to people who had no idea what to think. It’s incredibly educational, inspirational and honest. Is Caitlyn Jenner privileged? Absolutely. She doesn’t hide it nor deny it but I don’t see her smacking people in the face about it either. She still has a lot of growing to do herself. As they mentioned earlier in the season of her show, Caitlyn is going through another adolescence so she will continue to learn about herself and girls like her.

I’m quite honestly mesmerized by her when I see her show. I just want to watch her because her doctor worked art with the feminizing of her face. She is a very lucky gal! To me, Caitlyn looks like a mix of Catherine Zeta Jones and Jaclyn Smith. It’s interesting to find out that she first began transitioning in the 80s but stopped the process. If I do have one complaint about the show it is that we viewers have had it with the pans down to her hands and manicured nails. We get it. However, it makes me wonder if the director/editor/whoever has to look away while Caitlyn is doing her confessionals because we viewers don’t need to look down. We can handle it. As time has gone on the obvious pans have minimized.

Those of us who have been around for a good few years have been living to see our girl Candis Cayne as Caitlyn’s best gal pal. Miss Cayne is a wonderful role model and the perfect source to everything trans when it comes to Caitlyn’s coming of age. She sets Jenner straight, so to speak, on many subjects! We are thrilled to see Cailtyn doing her homework and learning about a community that she has been thrust into the spotlight as a spokeswoman for. She’s never had any ties to the LGBTQ community until now and I feel she is handling herself very well. Again, time will tell but for now… We Heart Cait!

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