Mom Takes The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan - BellagioWhat do you get when you take 2 fabulously gay husbands on their second honeymoon and their mother from Nashville who hasn’t been to Las Vegas in over 25+ years? I’ll let you know this Thanksgiving when Jacques and I treat my mother Betty to a trip like she’s never seen before! She’s already up in grand thoughts of slot machine winnings and Sin City soaking while reveling in the comforted joy that will be breathtaking at The Cosmopolitan. She hasn’t been to Vegas since Bally’s was the MGM Grand and you could walk to Caesar’s Palace straight across the street from corner to corner. Let that sink in. No walkways above the streets of The Strip to circulate the crowds. Oh, yeah… It’s been a hot minute. She is going to get her life!

Picture it. 1980. I was a wee one heading into my teen years and at least once a year I went to Las Vegas with my parents on a junket, a trip for big gamblers and players. That was my father! Sometimes it was the 3 of us and sometimes just me with only 1 of them. We would arrive to MGM Grand (pictured above) and he would drop a few thousand in the window for his bank. Our trip was always comped. Dad would drop a couple hundred dollars into my hand and send my on merry way to roam the Strip, shop, eat, whatever I could get into. I was twelve.

I loved going downstairs at the old MGM Grand and shop in their incredible memorabilia shop. Mom still has all of the glossy 8’x10′ images we purchased there of the movie stars. These were the days of Dunes Hotel which is now Bellagio; Sands which is now home to the Venetian and Desert Inn which became the current Wynn properties. I’ve been going to Las Vegas for over 3 decades. I know this town! I miss the days of playing Keno at the restaurants and the vintage signs of neon bulbs that made way to gorgeous LED marquees. Fabulous shows from the day like Follies Bergere created a portal for out-of-this-world Cirque du Soleil creations and outrageously paid DJs pumping dance beats for overindulgent partiers paying astronomical prices for a really good time to get “turned up.”

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

With life being as unpredictable and you-only-live-once as it can be, we knew with prices in Las Vegas dropping for the holiday we had to head over and get our holiday time in. Jacques and I drive over every holiday season for my birthday or Christmas. We wanted to bring mom in to Palm Springs for Thanksgiving but thought to just fly her into Vegas and pick her up when we arrive. I’ve mapped out every detail for her to follow so she’s not overwhelmed. She doesn’t travel much these days so it can get crazy especially during the holidays. I can not wait to see her face when she walks into The Cosmopolitan. I still get awestruck and we’ve stayed there 7 times. Yes, seven.

I doubt we will get mom floating around the Ice Rink which should be set up already at The Cosmo above their Boulevard Pool but dinner at STK, lunch at China Poblano and tickets to Le Rêve at Wynn Las Vegas are all on the agenda. We still have some time to plan the rest but feel confident a good time will be had by all! #777

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