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OMG! Zayn Malik has left One Direction! OMG! I really, really couldn’t care any less. And yes, it’s the beginning of the end. Hello! Goodbye. Boy bands come and go then come back together and break up again. A few solos efforts will ensue. Not sure if any of them would be strong enough to carry on solo. Harry Styles could because he is the face of the band from what I can tell and his voice is decent. But it is what it is. May the future tribute bands start auditioning for gigs. Boy, bye. And in other news…

Real Housewives of New York starts again very soon on Bravo TV. You know the network that was once serious and now is pure trash television with ridiculousness like Ladies of LondonBlood, Sweat, Heels and numerous other forgettable train wrecks, err, series. Bethenny Frankel who left the series RHONY after 3 seasons is back cashing one of the biggest paychecks in Housewives‘ herstory at reportedly a cool one million for her brand of chaos and drama. However, I did also read where she is possibly trying to rebrand her badgirl image. We will watch because LuAnn is back and we heart New York City. Maybe the Countess will do a 2015 remix of Money Can’t Buy You Class.

Go to 2:08 and get your life. I cry I laugh so hard.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 has kicked into high gear and I’m bored. Sorry not sorry. The challenges are a weekly trip to Yawnsville and it’s time to weed out a few of the very undesirables like the skinny ones. Team Ginger Minj for he win. A big girl needs to win. There, I’ve taken a stand. The blasé attitude by the younger princesses frustrates me that they have no desire to learn where it all came from. If only I was casting this show. But alas, I’m not.

Steven Michael

I’ve been all wrapped up in getting ready for my Mr. Gay USofA prelim so I haven’t listen to any other music than what I’m doing. It runs in my brain nonstop and earworms crawl in my canals of lyrics I must nail when I lip-sync for my life in Bakersfield on 06/14. I’d love to hear chanting voices calling my name and see familiar supporting souls in the audience. If you’re around the area the contest is at Nile Nightclub when I compete for Mr. Gay California USofA. I’ll be the one bucking the house down and getting my life onstage. If you’d like to support monetarily it is much appreciated and there’s link to right if this post. Every generous amount helps more than I can say here. Thank you for you support. Keep reading!

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