Daylight Savings Times Brings Change

Steven MichaelI just finished a day full of updating this web domain and giving it a fresher look. Between deciding what theme to choose and then tweaking it up, I am finally very happy with it all. It should be mobile-friendly and ready for micro formats more so than ever before. It had been over 4 years with the older theme so it was definitely time to do such. This one is easier on the eyes and I tied up broken links, updated content and all that jazz. Since Daylight Savings Time is now upon us, the sunshine is providing a longer day and more opportunities for progress and success. I’m using it…

You know how great you feel when you make a decision and at the time it was a nail-bitter but in the long run you are thrilled you made the choice you made?! I’m there, baby. I was going to get involved with something I really wasn’t too familiar with and my gut told me to focus on what I really knew I wanted. So I did and man, am I glad I did! No details here but suffice to say, I’m better off. No Tea, No Shade. But when I came to the finality not to do this certain something, I hoped I was making the right decision. Go with what you know. And if you don’t know about it, find out.

In other news, I continue to prepare for my preliminary Mr. Gay California USofA in June. My DJ Mac Valentine is finishing the phenomenal mix he has worked up for me. A generous sponsor providing my music instead of having to pay the quoted $350 I found from another DJ who has already seen their day. What a business! Gouging their own community. Blessed to have people who care about my best interests and not their own pocketbooks. All Tea, So Much Shade.

Mr. Gay California USofA

Plus, I’ve had my corporate sponsor come through with some stunning man drag for the gigs. Without giving too much away, just know that I have a good friend named Dimitri. If it wasn’t for him, I doubt I’d be competing at this level. A true gem in my future crown. I am looking forward to the contest in June. Would love to see and hear some of you there. A possible caravan is heading up for those interested, please see or speak to me. I’m chasing my dream. Join me! ♥

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