RuPaul’s Drag Race Premiere Is Here!

For anyone in the know, the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race premiering this Monday on Logo TV was filmed for almost a year ago! I know this current crop of drag starlets on Drag Race have been chomping at the bit to finally have what they already know has happened, happen for the rest of us diehard fans and newbies on the juggernaut reality competition reaching it’s 7th lap, err, cycle, ahem, season. The travel circuit has begun for all of the queens and for some of them the ride has just begun.

I’ve tried to speak to a few of the Dolls from RuPaul’s Drag Race via email interviews like I have in the past but it seems once they get contracted for the show over-zealous publicists become involved, opportunities are missed and Ladykins become busier. I get it. No Tea, No Shade.  Standouts for me this season are seasoned vet and outspoken Jasmine Masters and the dancing/flipping/twirling fool Kennedy Davenport. This ho can kick up a dance floor and leave the others in the dust. She’s quite phenomenal. Speaking of ho, Kandy Ho is super talented and should bring the punch while pint-sized Ginger Minj should kill it with slap-your-face humor and plus sized swag.

Being ahead of the curve like I tend to stay, I’ve been watching something you probably haven’t. Leave it to the U.K. to set television trends where shows like Cucumber, Banana and Tofu and Drag Queens of London will soon be coming to our shores via Logo TV. Sources tell me that this fall Cucumber, Banana and Tofu will premiere in the U.S. while Drag Queens of London soon follows to lead into (wait for it!) RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. Yes, I said it. It’s becoming a television franchise.

Cucumber, Banana and Tofu has been compared to Queer as Folk with the main writer Russell T. Davies penning both dramas. It’s shot in three separate formats for three platforms of different channels in the U.K. with the stories interacting with one another giving the viewer a deeper view of what the storylines are. It is actually quite brilliant and smart. Heavy at times and in-your-face sexy during others. It will be interesting to see how America waters it down. It has a great deal of real talk and honesty that many shows don’t touch.

Drag Queens of London follows different queens in various points of stage success living and performing the U.K. and their personal struggles, hunger for fame and rise to stardom. Standouts are the seasoned pro and live talents of Silver and hungry to shine Meth. That’s her name. If you watch Drag Race I will warn you that this show gives we viewers another angle into the drag community we don’t see much. It’s gritty, raw and emotionally real. The production is not as polished which gives it its charm and for the most part the queens are still growing themselves. They are simply getting “pissed” known here in the States as “turned up” while getting their life each and every moment they can. Isn’t that what we all should do? Every community has their queens and in London, these girls are the ones to watch out for. Here they come!

What else has been happening in gay culture today? Well, Lady Gaga won the award of the night at the Oscar’s even though she wasn’t nominated. Her Sound of Music homage was exactly what she needed to remind people why she is here. Gaga has pipes! She was phenomenal and was the most trended topic on social media for the night. Then the next day Madonna decided that she would knock Gaga off the #throne as Madge was pulled down to the floor on her ass during a performance at the BRIT Awards by a dancing matador. The show must go on! Madonna pulled it all together and finished the production like the pro diva we all know she is. We have all fallen. It’s how you get up and go on that counts.

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