Steven’s Heading to Mr. Gay USofA in San Antonio!

usofa logoHere I grow again! I can’t stay away from the stage, I swear. And why would I?! It’s too good. The warmth of the spotlight causes me pause to bask in its glow once more. After a wonderful qualifying round in Phoenix I’m heading to Mr. Gay USofA this Novemember in San Antonio, Texas! Of course there’s more to the story… Follow me this way!

Kayla Krawford - Steven Michael

After much deliberation between the team of me, myself and I, yours truly decided to throw his competition hat back into the ring of USofA and give it a go in Phoenix at the Mr. Gay Arizona USofA contest held last weekend at The Rock. I had been there before and was pleasantly surprised that from the P.O.V of the performer the stage is considerable in size for the structure of the club itself. I had rehearsed in a 2’x2′ square by the pool just in case so it was good to spread my legs, ahem, dancing wings.

Steven Michael

I mentioned “back into the ring of USofA” and by that I mean that I first started competing in USofA pageants and contests though at that time it was known as USA. I’ve seen a lot my children. Listen in. It was great going back to the system that I cut my teeth on as I became a competitive entertainer in my early years. I felt right at home. The people of Phoenix treated me very kind and I didn’t feel too out of place within their backstage banter and camaraderie. I knew a few people and between the rest we introduced ourselves to one another.

Christopher Iman - Steven Michael

I made the straight-shot boring drive into Phoenix on Sunday and checked into a great Holiday Inn Express at the Airport. I have great connections and I’ll leave it at that. I rested my eyes for a minute and got ready for Interview which was being held at The Rock. I looked sharply dressed in Brooks Brothers Realness ready to tell them the Tea about me. I met the other guys and alongside of us were two queens running for Miss Gay AZ USofA at Large. Sophia Sinclair, who would later on win the title, and my Good Judy – Miss Kayla Krawford.

ISH - Steven Michael

ISH, the reigning Mr. Gay AZ USofA (and my new promoter!), escorted me in and I presented myself to the judges. I talked to them. They spoke back to me. It was very conversational. I took them on my journey and I felt great about it. A few laughs, a few memories, hopes for the future and I was out. The schedule was tight between registration to Interview to the overture so I stayed at the club after running to Fresh ‘N Easy for some nourishment. Backstage I had my food and watched the swirl of activity build around me positioned in the very middle of it all balancing my gig on a barstool or two. I make things work.

Steven Michael

To my right was Desiree Demornay was giving it Project Runway stitching up a sash, Mr. Gay USofA Christopher Iman was socializing with the crew as I talked rhinestones with a fellow contestant. The opening number got going and then it was Clubwear for the guys. Dressed to kill, I gave it to them. Pose, pose, teeth, pout, pooch… Rinse, repeat. Again, I love modeling and have no problem on a stage. Done.

Steven Michael

Next was Talent. In a nutshell, I did a song I really liked and wore clothes that I looked really good in and could move in. It didn’t have much rhyme or reason other than those facts and that worked for me. I gave a couple of costume reveals and that was that. I can dance and am confident in saying I am talented but sometimes giving a judge what they want can often be a difficult find. It’s all subjective. Every time I step on a stage I ask myself that if it was the last time I ever performed would this be something I wanted to be known for or have be my “swan song.”

Arizona USofA 2014

In the end, dressed in a beautiful rhinestone jacket that I blinged myself and a hopeful glow, I won Interview with a perfect score (LIVING!) and placed 1st-Alternate for Mr. Gay Arizona USofA 2014. I’m on my way November 5-7 to compete at Mr. Gay USofA 2014 being held at The Saint with Mr. Gay AZ USofA – Cruz Carter. It was a great experience. The flow of the show went swiftly and I appreciated that. Thanks to the staff and crew of The Rock for their hospitality! Now, I’m off to nationals! Wish me luck.

Arizona USofA 2014

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Steven Michael

I must also mention that the day I left Phoenix was some of the fiercest rains and flooding I had seen in a long time. Traffic leaving town was a complete nightmare. After rerouting myself off I-10 due to water obstacles on the interstate, I found my way home safely actually faster than I made it there the day before. Hoping everyone made it home and around town safely last weekend. See you again very soon!

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