The Extreme Build of Scott Cullens

Scott CullensTo see Scott Cullens walk by you can’t help but notice him. Some people have it and some people don’t. Master Cullens has it. He works very hard in perfecting his image and is not afraid of telling or showing you how it is. I’ve spoken with Scott here on my domain before but as the world turns so does his whirlwind of happenings. In the last interview we spoke of his fitness regiment, budding business ventures personal life and what it’s like to be him.  This round we catch up on his many modeling gigs in fabulous locales, sleeping in the nude, an honest take on his new reality show Extreme Builds and how he is now the self-professed “Lube King.” Take it off, err, away… Scott! And THANKS to the photographers who shared the images!

Scott Cullens

Scott Cullens – “A second interview with!!!!! Does this move me from the “The F List” to “The D List” at least?”

Steven Michael – Baby, you’re on the only list that matters – mine. We’ve chatted here before and you always give me full-blown blasts of great answers and Tea. What’s happening with you now? Let’s talk about Grand Designs on A&E premiering next month. What can we viewers expect and how long is the season on for?

“I am the General Contractor for Palm Pacific Construction – – on a new show on A&E called Extreme Builds which first premiered mid-August of this year. The show is a series of one hour episodes showing a new luxury residence being built from the ground up. A&E purchased the rights to Grand Designs Britain’s #1-rated television show (also huge in Australia), however, A&E has decided to scrap the Grand Designs franchise and has renamed the show Extreme Builds. Unfortunately, this version looks more about the drama and problems associated with a new home build than the design and construction itself. My episode airs September 13, 2014. There was not a lot of drama on my project but you never know how the editors will spin the footage. In the end, I built a phenomenally gorgeous luxury home which the homeowners are in love with. No matter how they spin the process, the end product is fabulous.”

Scott Cullens - Steven Michael

I’ve heard the editors have the final say in many ways. Don’t piss them off, I suppose. All your loyals want to know how many times you have your shirt off during the filming? I know you must have found reasons to be topless.

“We filmed the show for an entire year and they did not ask me to take my shirt off once! Out of protest, I took it off ‘unsolicited’ several times. I cannot understand how a show could be that interesting without my abs making an appearance. LMAO (Laughing My ABS Off).”

Scott Cullens

(laughing) Well, thank goodness a harmless spot of narcissism spoke up and said “Excuse thine blouse from body.” On to your newest baby, LüB Lube. Where did the idea for this come about? And how does one formulate a lube to stand out among the giants Wet, Eros and Gun Oil, and the best of all – spit? Also, I love your LüB promo and logo wear. I may need a large t-shirt. Just saying…

“Yes, I am now officially known as THE LUBE KING. I was asked to be the spokesperson for this new lube company called LüB. It has a unique four  silicone formula, was the best I had ever tried and I liked the people behind it. After some further discussions, I decided that I wanted to be more than just the spokesperson, I wanted a piece of what I feel is a great product. LüB pure silicone lubricants and gear was born over a year long process and I’m very pleased to have my name on it.”

“We spared no expense on the commercial. I had a vision for the commercial to have a different message than every other product on the market – LOVE. ‘Do You Want to be Loved’ was created with several couples – men with men, women with women, men with women, and all different races. The name LüB doesn’t show up until the very end. I did not want the product to be the focus but the message that love should be celebrated for everyone. I should be getting a call from GLAAD any day now! LüB means “love” and also is “love you babe” in the texting world.”

Well, the commercial is everything! Did you also mention to me that you also have a tool line coming out? It’s hard to keep up with you these days. What’s that about and can you share?

“I don’t have a tool line coming out but keep the ideas coming. I am already thinking of slogans, ‘Work with Scott’s Power Tool’, ‘Scott’s Tool is Tops’, ‘You Will Love Scott’s Tool.’ Please don’t let me go on.”

Scott Cullens

If I knew how to stop you, I would. Well, nonetheless I get a cut since I came up with the idea for power tools. Tell me about your shoe fetish. How many pairs do you have and what’s the most you’ve ever spent on one single pair? Is it the look or the label that gets you together enough to push the plastic towards the register?

“Who can really explain their fetishes but I just love shoes. I have about 250 pairs of shoes which take up one of my bedrooms and my garage. All neatly organized on industrial retail shelves and ordered by some insane categories in my head. I love Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Adidas, all of them. I think $1000 is the most I’ve spent on high tops. That’s a lie but $1000 still makes me look crazy so we will leave it at that.”

(I had to ask him via text what insane categories he had for his shoes and how much he really spent on one pair – off the record, naturally. I can’t share it here but something tells me his answer for the prize winner for priciest pieds’ padding was still shy of a few Benjamins. No Tea. If it makes you happy it can’t be that bad. Sing, Sheryl Crow! Yes Gawd.)

designer shoes

What’s the latest status update on your love life? Hot and Heavy, Easy Does It, It’s Complicated or A Lady Never Tells? What’s the dish?

“Every interview I’ve done has a different love life status so I think I’ll leave this one at ‘a gentleman never tells.’ Oh whatever, I’m single.”

I’ll contact Patti Stanger on Millionaire Matchmaker and we’ll hook you up. Of course, again, I’ll need a cut. You’ve been busy by building your brand which I admire greatly. It takes a lot of work to be you. What do you look for when getting involved in new projects?

“Building a brand for Palm Pacific Construction, LüB and Scott Cullens is a tricky endeavor. The 3 entities all have me in common but much different customers and fan bases. If you Google Scott Cullens, go on to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you will see everything mixed together – my construction, modeling (nudes also), lube, etc. I decided a long time ago that I am who I am. I am proud of every facet of my life and I give all of them 100%. If a new client wants me to build a luxury home for them but are upset by seeing my naked business online, then we probably would not get along anyway. Just because you see my dick on the web doesn’t remove my talent and experience as a home builder. So many people try to compartmentalize their lives and feed the info they want to the public. All my posts are public, all my pictures are public all my statements are public.”

Scott Cullens

How often do you get recognized from your print work and magazines? How does that feel? Does it ever get old?

“I’m still somewhere on the D, E or F List as far as celebrity but it’s already to the point that I have assistants to help answer messages. The plethora of social media sites have made it almost impossible to keep up with messages and mail. I really try to answer everyone as long as it is not offensive or abusive. I do get a lot of kookie birds who I should probably contact the authorities but I figure that if several ex-boyfriends couldn’t kill me then I doubt one crazy fan could. Getting recognized when I travel is cool. Usually they will come up and show me their phone wallpaper and there is my naked ass splashed on the screen. I love posting all of the wallpapers I get sent on Instagram. They are mostly from women!”

You’ve been to some stunning locales for modeling work. Where have been the highlights? And where could you skip going again? And can I have some of your frequent flyer miles?

“I just returned from a shoot in Spain and I shoot again in Paris this fall and Australia this winter. My biggest modeling request is in Europe this year. They aren’t interested in my old face but want to use my body for a campaign. I’ll tell you about it next interview, I don’t want to jinx it now!”

Scott Cullens

And what about those frequent flyer miles?! Hmph. What does a day off for you entail? Putting your feet up and letting it all go for a minute or what?

“I have no days off. I work 7 days a week and just plow through until my next shoot or vacation. This year I’m traveling to Paris, Sydney, Miami, New York, Chicago, Dallas, etc. So I always have somewhere to look forward to. It makes working this hard bearable.”

Scott Cullens

How do you feel about social media? Do you ever have many haters come a’callin’? How do you deal?

“I have mixed feelings about social media. Since I live every aspect of my life publicly, it opens me up to criticism. Unless you know me personally on a level where we have dinner, I am not going to take a harsh comment very seriously. 99.99% of comments are favorable and very nice. I’m a very spiritual guy and have found a way to let the world see who I am really am through social media. I am actually laughing at myself for some of the douchebag posts I make. I am the first person to make fun of the entire persona. BTW, without stalkers and haters, you are probably not that relevant so there is a positive way to look at a couple hate mails!”

Preach! If you weren’t living in Palm Springs, where would you call home? And why?

“If my business was not so good in Palm Springs, I would move to San Diego or Laguna Niguel and live up high where I could see the ocean and views from my bathtub. I’m looking for a 2nd place in San Diego now to have a little get away from the Desert heat in the summer. I would never live anywhere other than Southern California. I’ve been everywhere in the world and I really don’t understand why everyone doesn’t live here.”

I’m glad they don’t because it would be more crowded than it already is. We have to keep something special for us. We seem to have a fun camaraderie between you and I. Do you have many other people you can laugh and be yourself with or do people get uptight around you and your incredible star power? You are overwhelming to deal with, err, look at.

“I bet you could not find one person that said I was a dick when they met me. It would take at least 2 meetings before they could say that! (laughing) I get a kick out of people saying that I am intimidating. I’m a pussycat.”

What’s next? After the show premieres where do you go from then?

“I am already working on another show for television and launching new products. As far as construction, we are booked through January 1, 2016! Life is good but I don’t stand still. My mantra: “I am satisfied and eager for more!'”

Now for some light ones… What’s in heavy rotation on your iPod playlist?

“My playlist is only electronic dance music. I love Zedd, Afrojack, David Guetta, Eric Prydz, Chainsmokers, Adventure Club, Calvin Harris, Gareth Emery, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Sander van Doorn. Right now I’m obsessed with Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” and Ariana Grande “Break Free”

During sleep: Boxers, Briefs or Bare… Or pink panties?

“I not only sleep nude, I push the covers to my feet. I like sleeping nude with nothing touching me.”

Favorite Real Housewives franchise and why?

“If I were to watch the Housewives franchise then it would have to be the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. If I’m going to watch then I want to see some rich bitch take a helicopter to shop. I don’t want to watch those Atlanta girls not be able to pay their bills.”

Scott Cullen - Steven Michael

(laughing) “If I were to watch” with air quotes, I’m sure. If you did drag (again) what would (is) your drag name?

“My drag name is easy: “Miss Led.”

Many thanks to my friend Scott Cullens and his witty anecdotes, take on life as he knows it and stunning imagery. Again, thanks to the photographers for putting up with him being a model. I know how he can be. Kidding, totes! He’s as fierce in person as he is in pictures. And don’t forget to catch Scott on Extreme Builds premiering on A&E September 13, 2014.

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    my name is Wes, and i love in Ontario Canada. i really enjoyed all the pics of Scott Cullens. he has got to be the hottest Man on the planet, and quite possibly in the universe. being a gay Man, i hope i haven`t offended Mr. Cullens with my comments. it is not my wish to offend in any way. do you know if Scott does G Rated Muscle Worship? it would be a real privilege for me, to be able to worship Mr. Cullens. but since i wouldn`t even know what Scott Cullens would charge for such a venture, that`s if he does indeed do Muscle Worship sessions. i`m not even sure if i could afford it, being on a fixed disability income, as well as going on 64 years old as of April 10th 2015, and with Scott Cullens being the caliper of Man that he is. if he would even consider it. i can dream though. with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

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