The Saturdays “Finest Selection” Album Review

Our favorite divas from the U.K. smash girl-group The Saturdays have stopped for a hot minute from having babies and getting married to release their greatest hits disc called Finest Selection. The compilation also contains three new tracks that are destined to be hits! All of their best songs are included from gay dance floors fillers to power ballads raw with emotion. The disc is coming out in two sets. One with only one disc and the other with three discs including even more hits from days past, edits and remixes.  The booklet from the single disc set includes personal notes from each the girls and music credits. Not much more. Hopefully the bonus set will include more reflection on a vast and exciting career. There were some missed opportunities on this first disc release inside the booklet. However, the music will always be pop candy perfection and it’s all here in a great format. Here’s my take on the catalogue. Plus, I’ll also review certain aspects of their individual video releases too!

“What About Us” – The Saturdays only chart-toping number one to date. Hard to believe since they’ve had so many hits in the U.K. Alas, this song is one of my all-time favorites! This version feature rapper Sean Paul. On a personal note, I can do with or without his part. However, there is one version floating around out there that uses him but cuts out the vocals of my dear Frankie Sandford – now Mrs. Frankie Bridge. I take that stuff personally. I’m very weird and protective of The Saturdays. The song is amazing! The video includes the girls feeling their L.A. moment, shopping, walking, holding hands, Rochelle with mane highlights and a part down the middle. Frankie wears a kicky hat playing pool before scaling a half fence “breaking” into a baseball diamond to play football and also do dance choreography. Worship!

“Higher” – “Hey Flo Rida! Frankie, Mollie, Una, Vanessa, Rochelle. Whatcha doin’ Saturday girl?! I’m doin’ nothing…” YES GAWD! Love this damn song. The chorus is everything. Upbeat and catchy, and was a big hit for them chart-wise. The video has our girls busting out of their parked car in a gridlock traffic jam to skip together, sit on stairs, and cross their legs on a bench in a ripple effect during Frankie’s lyric set before dodging traffic while strangers take on the dance bits. Mollie has some delicious close-ups. And of course, Flo Rida is pure heat.

“Ego” – Everything. “And now you wanna pretend that you’re a superstar? And now you wanna end what’s taken you this far?” The video plays the girls as superhero types fighting off the egotistical goon they are paying back for doing them wrong. Spandex wearing ensues and Frankie has a sassy snap during her solo moment while Vanessa stirs the drama with her wicked eyes brewing power. Visually the video is darker than many of their others but it works here. The song is a exquisite gem. I never grow tired of it.

“All Fired Up” – A dance floor stomping, hand waving in the air, jump around pleasure. This beat is faster for the girls which is a nice challenge for them and a change for us fans. The video has a chrome and black latex vibe to it with fierce pans of the girls on solo bits and a section of wet ponytailed dancers in bodysuits coming out of water that send me up in my mind. Delicious. Mollie looks exceptional in a few spots as does Frankie and Rochelle.

frankie sandford

“What Are You Waiting For?” – Their latest single and as of press time it debuted at #9 and the album is at #10, I believe. At first hear I wasn’t sure I liked this single but it grew on me and it’s great! I love it! A very big anthem with simple but again catchy chorus hooks. The girls shot the video in Ibiza and the photography is beautiful. Some of the frames make the girls look absolutely breathtaking. They definitely take the viewer on a fun trip through the party city. Grab my passport, babe! Una looks stunning in the water as do Vanessa and Franks.

una healy the saturdays

“Up” – This falls among the mid-tempo speed of much of The Saturdays’ catalogue towards the beginning of their career. The song has a few great remixes I actually prefer. They have a bit mores kick. Love the lyrics! “Up is where we go from here.” The video has a color palate gig happening with wild sunglasses and tights to match. Lots of box choreography with girls jumping from one box to the other and shoulders a’go-go.

“Forever is Over” – The title sounds likes a torch ballad but it is far from it. This powerhouse of a song starts with Una Healy strong and slow then drops into a nice driving beat on through her raspy prowl “I’m on the other side. And now I realize. I’m in paradise. ‘Cause you’re outta my life.” Then Vanessa comes in with the chorus and sets it on fire. The video is alright. Una looks amazing. The girls prove that girlfriends can help you get over boyfriends. Sad Sats are cheered up by fellowette Sats in various skits of woe and romance gone bad.

“Issues” – This tune is a prime example of incredible ballad, equally incredible dance remixes. I LOVE THIS SONG! “Me and my heart, we got issues. Don’t know if I should hate you or miss you. Damn I wish that I could resist you. Can’t decide if I should slap you or kiss you.” The video displays the girls in various forms of tasteful lingerie inside a house at the beach. It is warm inside but it must be chilly with a chance of rain outside as colorful umbrella ‘ella ‘ells protect the girls from the elements. Frankie looks amazing as does Una and Mollie. I actually sing this quite well when I harmonize in the car with my Sats.

“Disco Love” – “We’ve got that Disco Love, so fun and colorful. It’s never winter when it’s Donna Summer all year long.” The first drop into the chorus sets me free. The video standouts are Mollie and Una while a very, very pregnant Frankie is pushed behind a counter to handout roller-skates. Love the song. Not my favorite video. It’s fine for what it is. Takes me back to roller rink days of junior high school. “Couple skate. Couples only.”

“Notorious” – Office working Sats make it through their day before heading up in the elevator to the party upstairs to dance and have a great time. Yes, that was the video storyline. The song is fierce. It has a great strutting beat. When this song came out they did teaser video clips before they premiered it. It was actually a very exciting PR push. They all look amazing. Lots of product placement for lipgloss. That would be common thread in videos by The Saturdays. Hey, product placement pays the bills. No Tea. I have no problem with it at all.

“Missing You” – This early ballad is actually the tipping point where I fell in love with The Saturdays. The song is sweeping and stunning. Musicality it’s marvelous. And the video has the five figures dancing on the beach in the sand with ocean winds carrying their summer frocks into the air. Love, love, love this song! An all-time favorite, if you couldn’t tell. “I get high when you’re making me weak. Let me down ’till I crawl on my knees.” Timeless. Everything.

“Work” – Another perfect song of sass and strut with a remix that is equally as wonderful. “I’ve got the goods and I want you. Put your boots on, baby, get to work, work.” The video is an early look that could easily have influenced “All Fired Up” footage down the line. Very dark lighting, wind machines a’blowing and our crew of femme fatales feeling fabulous. Mollie King stands out on this one taking us in with great lyrics and the main intro to the song. All the Sats look great.

“Not Giving Up” – A later single from their catalogue of dance hits that proved upbeat works well for the five ferocious ones. The video was simple but effective with long neon poles providing the minimal lighting and a solid white background to play with shadows and shapes. They all look beautiful and painted for the gods. The song continues a driving beat throughout and you can’t help but love it.

“30 Days” – One of the first singles from their album On Your Radar. Very fun. Pure pop ear candy. The video had the girls ki-ki’ing in a 50s-style diner while geeky guys tried to pick them up. It’s cute. Lots of fun ensues and laughing banter around the soda fountain. Girl Power!

“808” – I actually had to google what an 808 is. It’s a type of heavy duty bass speaker. Alright then. The song is new and I haven’t jumped onboard with it quite yet but I’ve only heard it a few times. It hasn’t grabbed me like many of their other hits. No video just yet. It could help the song. It’s happened before.

“Gentleman” – My best DJ Bifford Michael from Austin sent me this early before the single had been released. I remember vividly walking up and down DFW airport listening to the song via email on repeat. Love this one! Very quick tempo throughout even into the rap section. The video shows the girls as masculine alter egos dressed in black tuxedos as The Sats find themselves in a Desperate Housewives familiar set. With the help of a “behind the scenes” clip we see that the entire video is done in front of green screens. Major product placement with Swarovski under perfectly positioned lighting. Gorgeous. “I wouldn’t marry him, no not if I were you ’cause if he’s been cheating on me then he’ll probably cheat of you.” Classic Sats.

“If This Is Love” – An early smash for the girls. A mid-tempo jewel that is timeless. The video puts them in a store window box for onlookers to gawk and gander. Art imitating life. Lots of great slow-motion catwalks and girls pooching in the mirrors having their makeup done. “If this is love. Then I don’t want to know what is. I won’t say another word.”

“Walking Through The Desert” – Every once in a while there will be a song that comes along that I absolutely love from the beginning. This is one of those rare tracks that take The Saturdays away from what we know about them and down another road like my favorite album cut from On Your Radar called “Do What You Want With Me.” It’s polar opposite of what they normally do and it’s a welcomed addition to their catalogue. It’s a new song so no video just yet. “I’m feeling weaker than ever, I’m even walking through the desert at night.” YES!

“My Heart Takes Over” – Classic. A power ballad full of sweeps, hills and valleys. The video has the girls outside in very cold windy weather. However they look absolutely amazing. “And if there’s a chance we might’ve missed. And if there’s a ray of light in this. Baby look at me ’cause this is where my heart takes over.” The song is everything. An all-time classic fave from my girls. It brings me a great feeling and memories.

“Just Can’t Get Enough” – A cover of the Depeche Mode monster hit. The girls give it a good go even donning the signature red noses in the video from the Comic Relief and Red Nose Day awareness campaign for famine in Ethiopia. The girls play calendar pin-up girls. It’s quite cute and very campy.

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