Hottest Happenings in Gay Pop Culture

As I head to compete for the national title of Mr. Entertainer of the Year 2014, I realize I haven’t been blogging much here on gay culture. But promise I soon will return to the dish, dirt and delightful drama my words express on a more regular basis. It’s been all about me and that’s alright. When you run a national pageant, meaning chase a crown, you quickly find out who is there for you and who is not. And again, that’s alright. No Tea, No Shade. Semi-colon closed parenthesis.

We watched a few horrendous Redbox rentals over the weekend. Non-Stop didn’t give me a peench of anxiety about flying Tuesday. The movie was laughable and an obvious paycheck for its stars Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. RoboCop was so damn bad I can’t waste my time talking about it here. Its bad storyline allowed me to catch-up with this blogging on my phone while we relax on the couch.

The gorgeous Cheryl Cole is back with not only her bum inked like a bed of gorgeous roses but new music, too. I loved her in Girls Aloud and she is really the one of the five who had any solo access as the UK girl-group disbanded. Her newest dance move maker Crazy Stupid Love is a delicious nugget of pure pop sweetness. She’s gorgeous, newly married and she back on the X Factor this season in the UK. You go, girl.

And speaking of freshly hitched my favorite girl of UK sensation girl-group The Saturdays, Frankie Sandford married former footballer Wayne Bridge over the weekend. Bandmates were in attendance while JLS serenaded the couple. Rochelle was serving fierce fashion in her pink shoes while Mollie caught eyes in a cream colored dress. Vanessa sported a long purple dress I’m sorry to say that seemed out of place. Stylist was off, perhaps. Congrats Franks and Wayne and son Parker!

Cher ConcertI attended Cher’s “Dressed To Kill” tour a few weeks ago and loved it! She still has it. She sang a few new songs off Closer To The Truth but mostly her chart toppers including “Believe,” “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me,” “Strong Enough” and “Just Like Jesse James.” The show finished with the torch ballad “I Hope You Find It” as Cher floated above the crowd in a rhinestoned arch looking and feeling lovely. It was everything. The above picture clearly wasn’t front row by any means but hey, we were in the building. #AnywhereForCher

Now Sissy That Walk… X

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