The Best Time Las Vegas Can Offer

Las VegasWhen we arrived last Saturday afternoon to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas I was truly elated! I know Jacques was happy to get out of town for a few days and it’s always good for us to have this great escape. The Cosmopolitan is our home away from home when in Sin City. It is special to us and we feel proud to say we stay there. This trip was no exception. And like a friend on Facebook said in response to one of my “look at me I’m in Vegas” posts, what happens in Vegas is shared on my Facebook wall. Here’s what you missed…

I love road trips with my man. I play DJ, he steers the wheel and the conversation flows or we comfortably sit quietly in our own thoughts. It all works well for us. Since I’m preparing for Entertainer of the Year it gave us perfect time to discuss the game plan along the way. We checked in at V.I.P. and was graciously upgraded even though we had a slight wait until it was finished and approved by housekeeping. The Chandelier Bar called our name where I grabbed us a few drinks from the bartender, and we began to unwind in a red velvet booth and cruise the men walking the casino. They were exceptionally sexy this weekend! Especially by the pool, but more on that later.

Then the text came through saying our room was ready giving the actual suite number and since we already had our keys we headed there. Our room faced the Bellagio fountains and it’s a truly incredible sight to see for an entire stay. We slid open the balcony doors and let some desert heat hit our faces before strutting around the mega-resort to pick up our “summer essentials bag” with logo products and pool gig. When I booked our room I reserved through a summer travel package on their website The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Always check there to see what they have going and sign up for their Identity program. Points adds up and equal resort credit! It’s real cute.

Once we dropped the great bag off and a few purchases back in the room, the High Roller at The Linq had our name on a few media tickets to ride the world’s tallest observation ferris wheel. So we thought. Not to promote something I know nothing about personally, I unfortunately decided not to ride because I was treated so unprofessionally at Charter Group Sales. After that scene I would’t dare pay to climb aboard it. And as always I will have the final word.

In a nutshell, I had arranged to have our names cleared to ride the wheel at 7 p.m. through a media contact connected with The Linq. When we walked in there were no tickets for me. After presenting the email telling the Tea before they ran my phone around behind the counter, the woman from above came down and looked at me like I was crazy and was nobody to her. The staff kept asking me stupid questions that they had just read answered in the emails. I was done with it all by this time especially when she asked me if I wanted to call the contact myself. I replied, “Um, no. It’s 10 p.m. in N.Y.C. (her area code was 212) on a Saturday night. This situation is very sad. Let’s go.”

They didn’t budge and I was through. As we walked out I slayed them on social media while we watched the yes-it’s-damn-big wheel move at its tortoise speed. It actually seems that after the first 10 minutes (it’s about a 30 minute rotation) the ok-so-now-what would set in. It moves so, so slow. The views aren’t any better than our room so no Tea. It wasn’t like there was a huge line of riders busting down the gates to get in. It was hard to believe it was happening because in Vegas we are always treated well. Sad they could’t see things were exactly what they were and I could give them some great press instead of calling them out here for being idiots.

We soon headed to American Fish for dinner at Aria inside City Center and forgot all about it quite honestly. I had wanted to try this place and am glad we did since we overheard the manger tell the table behind us that they were closing and becoming a French restaurant by December. After we stuffed our faces, Jacques wanted to play a few slots so we did back at The Cosmopolitan before heading upstairs to bed with views of the final fountain show at midnight over at Bellagio.

Erica at The Cosmopolitan

Sunday morning we woke early. I slid outside on the balcony to hear the incredible quiet of the Strip after the bustle of the night prior before heading down to Va Bene to grab lattes and croissants for the room. We had plans to have lunch by the Boulevard Pool where we had generous reservations made for a V.I.P. daybed to enjoy the sights and sunshine the desert day had to offer. The day was absolutely perfection. Our personal hostess Erica was everything and kept us fed and hydrated with deliciousness like sirloin sliders and a tuna sushi roll that was the culinary ticket! Yes, ma’am. I had a hearty round of tropical concoctions consisting of Pina Coladas and the like. Jacques followed suit!

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The men were a true highlight. Pure eye-candy for your nerves. Seriously. Do the pool next time in Las Vegas and take it all in! Since there’s a healthy minimum for the exclusive daybeds around the gorgeous pool, it seemed that many would go in as groups and share the bill. On one daybed there were two sexy latin couples while across the way there were 8 guys sharing one bed. Yes, that’s what I said. Sexy straight studs spreading across one another wet, shirtless and barefooted. I was dying! There was quite a cornucopia of character enjoying life and reveling in the eclectic festive atmosphere at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. We had one of the best times we’ve ever had at the resort. And for that I thank them greatly!

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

We ate and drank until we could no more. The music was so good I didn’t want to leave! Back in the room we napped a bit and then showered before dinner at Scott Conant’s Italian stunner Scarpetta. We love that place. The menu is impeccable and service extraordinary. I had duck and foie gras ravioli while Jacques lived for his octopus and calamari salad. It’s a must-do every trip! Scarpetta satisfies our desire for phenomenal food.

Steven Michael and Partner Marc St. Jacques

Our tickets for Zumanity led us to New York-New York hotel after dinner for “the sensual side of Cirque du Soleil” as it’s described. We had always talked about seeing the show but other entertainment won the vote. We now know why. We could tell by the clientele of the hotel that we weren’t in Kansas anymore. Keeping an open mind we flooded into the theatre and to our seats. The show began and from the beginning I could already tell the show had seen its better day. I’m sorry to say we didn’t enjoy it too much.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The “groundbreaking” sexualized segments seemed cliche and sadly forced. There were too many soloists and the comedy duo became very old, very fast. Drag superstar Edie does a great job as an emcee along with the hula hoop girl and androgynous figure that struts about. Loved the fabric caping that covered the stage. However the bondage ariel act was beyond corny. The gay duo fighting for the girl seemed awkward and their kissing wasn’t in the slightest passionate. Yes, we are a hard sell sometimes and this is one of those times. It just does’t compare to the other Cirque shows.

Cromwell Las Vegas

Overall the trip was incredible and as always, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas treated us like V.I.P. royalty. We feel special when we stay there. The resort impresses people and it should because it’s an awesome place offering something to everyone who wants something better for themselves. I encourage everyone to discover The Cosmopolitan for themselves. And their campaign states their truth, “Just the right amount of wrong.” Indeed. The only thing we were unable to try was the new Cromwell Hotel and restaurant Giada created by the namesake chef, Ms. De Laurentiis. If the menu matches the prestigious view we’re a match!

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