A Few Thoughts on a Saturday Evening

I haven’t been online too much these days. I’ve had plenty to say but I’ve been so busy working full-time at the gym and getting ready to compete for Entertainer of the Year now two months away I really haven’t had the desire to blog or journal. A few great thoughts this way comes! From the world of sports to gay culture to the events one must attend, I’m breaking down as many as I can fit it!

Openly gay athlete Michael Sam was drafted into the NFL, and ESPN was there all the way from the good news to the embrace to the kiss seen around the world between Michael and his partner. I think it’s wonderful, obviously. Quite a big step for mankind. However, I’m also quite aware there are “good ‘ole” boys who love their football and can’t wrap their minds around a man playing their sport who also likes other men. Kudos for his decision to postpone filming the documentary for Oprah’s OWN network so he can get into the season and concentrate on the task at hand, playing good ball. Maybe that will calm the tides of confusion and keep the focus on a winning team.

This Monday comes the grand finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo TV. I picked the final three from the beginning and have been Team Bianca Del Rio since moment one. I was concerned that her cutting reads would get old fast but her New York attitude and edge has given her the means to dominate the competition. Adore Delano is the Alaska of the season, the underdog that came through triumphant. Courtney Act is already a superstar in Australia and plans on taking this crown here in America. She called herself the “RuPaul of Australia.” You go girl. Bianca for the win! And Laganja Estranja for Drag Race: All Stars 2.

Next week begins the annual Miss Gay USofA and Miss Gay USofA Classic pageants happening in Dallas, Texas. Congrats to Shae Shae LaReese and Amy Demilo, respectively, for successful reigns and best wishes for their future. And to the contestants, TURN IT OUT! Can’t wait to read the people on Facebook reading what’s happening when they aren’t even there in person. Let social media weave its wicked web of what people think.

International Mr. Leather is Memorial Day in Chicago. E.O.Y. is July 23-27 in Louisville, KY at The Connection for Kings, Mr. and Miss contestants. Finally, Queen of the Desert is May 28 at Renaissance Hotel here in Palm Springs, a benefit for the Desert AIDS Project. My girls Lola LaShowgirl and Champagne Showers will be lip-syncing for their lives. See you all there!

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