Gay Culture Crashes Into 2014

When social media buzzes, people listen. And the talk happening right now? Ah, it’s getting crazy up in here with the goings on. The Sochi Olympics have dominated many a television except for ours. We really haven’t been bothered in the slightest. With all of the calls for boycotts, spewed hatred and anti-LGBT treatment gays in Russia go through the last thing we want to do is watch something they produced. What?! Oh, that’s right. I meant to check on the spread of the Curling competition and place my bets. Not.

What about those Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo?! Them women are crazy. For reals. If you watch the reality smash then relive the moment with me but if you don’t catch the rerun on a marathon, please. Getting into it, a recent episode titled “Pillow Talk”  brought out the very worst in many of the cast. Ringmaster Nene Leakes scheduled a round of pillow talk with the housewives and their significant others. There were a few others there who definitely brought their own way of mixing things up. Questions were asked by Nene but as she wrote in her personal blog they were not written by her. Translation = These shows are scripted “reality” and they are stirring the storyline. Which makes one wonder exactly what is reality and what is “reality?”

Confrontations began. Allegations of drug use slapped some. Physical contact came between the men while Apollo and Peter railed punches on Brandon, Kenya’s gay bestie. Absolutely shocking. Kandi crossed over as Cynthia’s sister decided to get quite ghetto and involved pushing and punching Kandi’s man, Todd. Late-80s R/B artist Christopher Williams (who I used to live for!) accused Kandi of being hopped up on the drug Molly. Obviously there’s so much more so you have to watch to believe what I say. Needless to say, people were quite turned-up.

Come out! Come out! Wherever you are! Athlete Michael Sam could became the first openly gay player in the NFL since coming-out earlier in the year. With his bravery hopefully more and more will be strong finding their way out. Celebrities are hitting the yellow brick road, too. Juno star Ellen Page also came out just recently and sexy diver Tom Daley splashed into the LGBT scene, too. Actor Wentworth Miller! Morning news anchor Robin Roberts! Being gay is so the way!

And we’ll end with this… It seems like a Sex and the City 3 movie could very well be in the works very soon. I LIVE! Love it, love them. Bring it on, Michael Patrick King! Wouldn’t be surprised if Miranda comes out in the end. Just saying. In an interview Sarah Jessica Parker and King say they know what the final chapter is. but if it’s to be told or not is still left to be seen. Until then we will have the new 300: Rise of an Empire sword and sandal epic to keep us happy.

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