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As we reach the finale of January, Mother Nature nails Atlanta with Highway Snowpocalypse 2014 leaving stranded motorists in cars for hours upon hours sitting on icy impassible freeways. And since some departed their cars and began to walk to rescue, deserted cars now scatter the roads for messy clean-up. As winter provides the frigid temperatures creating chilly cold throughout the north and southeast, we lucky ones in California are hanging in with typically warm days. Today was cooler in the Valley but we’re in good shape compared to most.

Have you seen Kim of Queens on Lifetime TV? Yes, I figured you had because we love the show and simply live for her. For any who hasn’t seen this new reality program, set your DVR and catch up! At the time of Kim Gravel’s winning crown in 1991, she was one the youngest woman to win Miss Georgia America. She currently runs a school called The Pageant Place located near Atlanta where she and her team coaches and mentors young girls and ladies toward self-confidence and strong esteem while they prepare to compete. The show features her adventures and of course, the moms who challenge and create shade.

I must say, however, that the main reason we love Kim of Queens is not just because we love anything pageantry. It’s because Kim genuinely wants the best for her girls while providing a loving atmosphere of encouragement unlike Lifetime TV juggernaut Dance Moms where ringmaster Abby Lee Miller berates and scars her dancers with sandpaper coarseness and disapproval. As much as I love to watch the girls dance on DM I cringe at what the young girls must endure from ALM. At the end of the day, blonde bombshell beauty Kim Gravel gets our vote! Hope to get her here for an interview very soon and her one-on-one pageant advice.

It’s been a joy for queens, queers and gays alike as of late while we thrill and marvel in our iconic divas doing their thing. Madonna just brought down the Grammy Award house singing Open Your Heart while Queen Latifah officiated over dozens of marriages both gay and not gay throughout Staple Center causing the only uproar by the religious riot and conservative brass. The original “White Witch” Stevie Nicks just appeared twice on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Coven as herself, songs and all! It’s been reported that Britney Spears’ residency at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas¬†will go down in the record books as topping the most lucrative on The Strip in history. And Cher has added Cyndi Lauper to her Dressed to Kill tour lineup which we are seeing in July.

Of course, there’s more… But for now in the words of animated cutey Elmer Fudd, “That’s all folks!”

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