Christmas Gifts For Fabulous Gay Men

Poinsettia ChristmasI love shopping! But when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for others sometimes I get stumped. I tend to shop online for the hottest gear, freshest music and best accessories for the holiday season but do find myself in the mall dodging breeders while swinging by Hot Dog on a Stick at least once each December if not to buy myself a little something. With the infamous Black Friday coming up soon the shoppers will be a’plenty finding just the right this and absolute must have that. Gay men love fabulous things that will make them look better and more important. But what do you buy the man who has everything? Here are the very best ideas you can create and produce by a few simple steps providing the gay men in your life something they can definitely use.

Reindeer Christmas

If you ask me and you have since you’re still reading my words and sage advice, the very best present you can get for someone is something they will truly use. And what better way to present this than in the fabulous form of a thoughtful care package. It takes effort, thought and means much more than picking up a gift card which is a great idea too! At least with a loaded Amazon Giftcard or iTunes gift card your gifted one can get what they want. Your call!

If you’re mailing the care package you may want to wrap each prezzie up or maybe buy a Plush Christmas Stocking before stuffing that thing until it can’t breathe. But what do you put in this care package that says you care enough to go to all of this trouble? Well here’s a list full of great concepts and thoughts! Let’s get shopping!

When it comes to body, mind and soul… DDF Glycolic Exfoliating Wash that smooths lines and diminishes pores. It is a miracle worker, for reals. I keep it nearby in the shower and it works wonders! When your queer friend doesn’t have time to brush or floss after meal, Doctor’s BrushPicks Toothpicks are the damn deal! They have a brush at the end that fits perfectly between teeth to tend to the areas needing tended to. And by all means get him a Yoga Mat because his downward dog could use a fresh place to plant a plank. And hell, a pair of new Havaianas Flip-Flops would look really great on those manicure bare feet carrying him in to hold that warrior.

A true queen loves to throw a dinner party. But when Music Choice on cable isn’t cutting it for the control freak inside you, these three albums will be perfect for any eclectic group dining at your villa. Or if Classic Christmas music is in your plans, check this out!





So your man is masculine and wants rugged gear around him? I get it. Me too, girl. I love a good strong Leather Money Clip and Credit Card Holder. It holds cash and a few cards for a night out on the town. With Christmas time crisp in the air comes cold weather and the opportunity for a Knit Wool Cap for his bald head or locks of gorgeous mane. A bright Long Sleeve Thermal can be worn separately or underneath a tight t-shirt for some extra warmth.  Think about what looks good on him and will make your man happy.

So you’ve got a cute Xmas bonus at work or a few extra dollars to spend on the man of your dreams. What in the world would blow his socks off and make him the happiest sugarplum dancer visionary you know? Try these special and elaborate gifts for the one you love the most!





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