Naked Highway Delivers Friends With Benefits

My buddies Sy Boccari and David Lee Rotten of Naked Highway sent me a really cute gift package including an autographed t-shirt, stickers and promo souvenirs plus David’s debut single, a cover of Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time. I posted a sexy snap of me in the t-shirt on Instagram and the compliments made me feel really good. I promised the boys that I would post a selfie as soon as I got the drag. It was mild for me considering…

Steven Michael - Naked Highway

The dynamic duo of Naked Highway have new electro-glam music together Friends with Benefits and here’s the fun video below. I love my boys in NYC and am so glad they’re living the musician’s dream. Follow their asses on Twitter and enjoy their music tonight. This video is 100% Pure Kiki. For reals… ♥


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