Lashauwn Beyond Speaks To Her Fans

Lashauwn Beyond is one busy queen. Seamstress, reality star, drag superstar performer. I was able to catch her for a hot minute or two for an interview to discuss what’s life like now for her after her stint on RuPaul’s Drag Race and what she’s doing today. Although, her time on the show was brief her passion and talents run deep. I’m thrilled she’s here to share all the Tea and nothing but the Tea.

Welcome to the stage, Lashauwn Beyond.

Steven Michael – Hello! I wanted to give you a chance to tell your side of the story about your time on RuPaul’s Drag Race and where you are today. I know our readers will love to discover where you’ve been since the show. Let’s get started. Where are you from and what was your childhood as like?

Lashauwn Beyond – “I was born and raised in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.”

Who put you in your drag gig for the first time and what was that like for you?

“April Chanel of Ft. Lauderdale was the first person to put me in drag. I was competing in my first Closet Ball pageant in 2008. Although I didn’t win I did pretty good and was inspired to continue!”

We’re so glad you did! Look where you’re gotten to and become. A reality television star among other talents. Describe your style and performance. Where does it all come from? Inspirations?

“I would consider my style and performance to be beyond. To a degree that is past the understanding, reach, or scope of. I like to be different, and unique. My inspiration comes from everywhere including music, fashion shows, friends and clients that I’ve made made custom garments for.”

Yes, I heard that you dressed most of the cast involved with the Mr. and Miss Black Universe pageants. It’s a great business to have an understanding of. Being able to sew is a wonderful thing. Are you interested in the pageant side of the drag circuit and do you work anywhere in a cast?

“Pageants are fun, thats how I was introduced to drag. I would prefer to work on a cast. It would give me more opportunities to bring my ideas to life at a swifter pace. Pageants worth competing for come around ounce every blue moon.”

While on the subject, what pays the bills? Is drag your full time job?

“Yes it is. If I’m not in drag then I’m helping another queen get in drag. It’s my true passion.”

What makes a great performer? Who are your favorites?

“A great performer has the ability to take you to their world while on stage performing. Some of my favorites are Tatiana Braxton, Sheena Devine, Roxxxy Andrews, Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington, Basia, Missy Meyakie LePaige, and the list goes on and on.”

Great group of divas. Basia was truly entertaining! She paved the way for many others to see their vision. When you got the call about making the show RuPaul’s Drag Race, what was your initial reaction? And how did it come about, the audition process?

“I was a fan of the show. When they announced that they were doing casting for season 4 I was finally old enough to audition. You must be 21. I didn’t know what to expect. It took months until I knew that I was officially a part of the cast. So there were so many mixed emotions wondering if I made it or not.”

What was filming reality television like for you? Did preconceived notions shatter once you were there on set alone? It seems intense.

“Well for starters, everything is actually longer than it seems on TV, that was something I didn’t know! This led me to stop the pain of squeezing my big feet in small pumps. (laughing)Aside from that I had my ups and my downs during my time there. We all did. I got a little homesick and then of course there’s the stress from just being in the competition alone. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced.”

The opportunity for you Dolls to travel and appear as a celebrity is huge. How did you handle that quick taste of what fame is like?

“Yes it’s a dream! I met so many inspiring people with similar interests. It let me know that I wasn’t alone in the world. It forced me to come out of a shy shell that I put myself in after high school. I started opening up and really being myself. It felt and still does feel amazing to get appreciation for the time and effort thats put into the craft.”

Looking back in hindsight is there much you would have done differently while competing?

“Since I was there for such a short time I wish I would have just done a lot of costume changes! (laughing) Baby, I packed the house for the main stage! I was so upset that America didn’t get to see all that I had to offer!”

Well, maybe we fans can get you on an “All Stars” edition of RDR. I have to ask, where did “this isnot RuPaul’s Best Friend Race” come from? It seems you’d had it by this point with Jiggly and the entire situation.

(laughing) “People greet me with this quote all the time. Everything was cool until after she asked me why my makeup wasn’t nice. After that it was on and popping! (both laughing) I was so evil that veins were popping out of my neck. We let the tension of the first runway challenge get the best of us. Now we laugh and joke about it all the time when I see her.”

Would you like to do Ru’s “All Star” installment if asked? Or be involved more on Logo TV? I’m sure your fans have missed seeing you around lately.

“Of course! I would give the beyonds…  Just what they have been missing! I would love the chance. Hello, RuPaul! Please, give a girl another chance.”

If you could be paired up with any of the past season Dolls who would it be and why? Have you watched the show much since being on it?

“I wouldnt mind being paired with Lineysha Sparx, Phi Phi O’hare or Ivy Winters… They sew!!!! And yes, I’ve seen every episode since season 1.”

Same, gal! Every episode. And finally, when’s the last time you …
Laughed Really Hard? On the phone with my best friend.”

Cried Painful Tears? “During a break up.”

Accomplished a Goal? “Today! Yesss ma’am, I just finished this sickening gown and this interview at the same time. Alright for the Multitasking queen.” (laughing)

My thanks to you my LUV. I know you’ve been very busy. So glad we’ve had this moment. Best way for fans and followers to worship the Doll?

“My Facebook page is the fastest way. Stay true to you. xoxo BEYOND”

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