Introducing Drag Entertainer Trinity Taylor

Welcome to my wicked world of gay culture! I love bringing the best and most fierce fabulousness I can and this installment is no exception. When it comes to celebrity interviews, I know my Tea. I met drag entertainer Trinity Taylor a few years ago when I judged Miss Gay Florida USofA in Tampa for my best friend pageant promoter Bob Taylor. Trinity was a contender and wonderfully impressive. The contest was very close among contestants and became one incredible night. I sat on the judges panel with Tabatha Coffey, Ericka Dunlap and Alexis Gabrielle Sherrington where we all had a great time.

Steven Michael - Trinity Taylor

Flash-forward to final night of Mr. E.O.Y. when the curtain opened for Creative Swimwear and there we stood, Trinity and myself serving body and cake. It was my first year as a contestant at Mr. Entertainer of the Year and I wanted to make a great solid first impression. Plus I knew Trinity would love being onstage, too. Bob was there and stood at the top of the backstage staircase as we took flight. We strutted to the end of the runway, mugged for the children before Miss Trinity punched it stage right and I served my own helping of “Daddy Bear Realness.” It was everything to be able to share the stage with someone I cared about.

Trinity Taylor - Steven Michael

Trinity Taylor makes the most out of any situation she is in. Costume designer and creator. Jewelry magician and wizard with the help of her partner Landon. Inspiration to legions of up-and-comers while showing a veteran or two how it’s really done. Full-blown pageant puss and now recording artist! There’s tons to say but even more that Trinity has shared here so get to reading! I’m thrilled with her professionalism, incredible detail to her work and the down-to-earth persona she carries throughout. May I introduce Miss Trinity Taylor!

Steven Michael – Who painted you for the first time and do you have a drag mother?

Trinity Taylor – “Well the first person to ever paint me was this tiny lil’ black boy by the name of Chris Glass. I can’t for the life of me remember his stage name but he was the first and OMG, did I look a mess! Yes I do have a drag mother and her name is Jordan Kennedy. She was famous for her black light numbers, very off the wall and creative. She no longer does drag but is a national trainer for Chanel in N.Y.C.”

Girl, we all looked a hot mess in the beginning. I did drag at 19 and was quite competitive for a hot minute. There were a couple of shameful looks I pranced through in, no Tea. So, how important is drag family to you and can you describe yours?

“I think that drag family or better known as ‘gay family’ is very important. It’s difficult coming from families who are not OK with the fact that we are gay, let alone do drag. I was fortunate enough to come into contact with some pretty amazing friends I know call my family.”

You are part of an amazing family. I’m thrilled to be up in there, as well. Who/Where do you draw inspiration from?

“I get inspired by anything, everything and everyone I come into contact with. Fashion, art, music, movies. I actually just designed an evening gown from the inspiration of a fragrance bottle.”

That sounds sickening. Well, your Papa Bob Taylor speaks incredibly high of you. He is gagged by your creativity and drive for success. I am too. You are definitely a pageant girl… Ultimate goal titles to achieve? And what do you like best about competition and like the least?

“I think the only title I feel I have to win is National Entertainer of the Year. E.O.Y. has been my prep school. It has been the place I have grown up as an entertainer and it’s my home. I would love to obviously win them all but I will be happy with E.O.Y. The main reasons I do pageants are for the gain of knowledge. I learn so much EVERY time I do a pageant. It makes me just that much better. It pushes me that much harder and further. I also love meeting new people and entertaining in such a large mass. The thing I like the least is when you feel you have put so much time and effort and did not achieve what you wanted or feel like you didn’t do your best. I also don’t like the politics of pageants.”

Hunty, same! I was thrilled you were part of my run for Mr. E.O.Y. I had a great time competing and always have. It felt good being on that stage at Connection. Can you give us a stroll down memory lane where you walked on the pageant stage and accomplished what you set out to do? And can you share a time when the only thing you took home was disappointment?

“In 2011, I did E.O.Y. That was the last time I went and I felt that I had brought the best package at that time that I could bring. I felt like I nailed every single category and FELT like the winner. I ended up as 1st runner-up but I was proud of everything I brought and knew that I showed everyone what I was capable of!”

“The biggest disappointment was at a National contest I entered and didn’t make the top 12. Although I felt I brought a good clean strong package, they did not agree and I was left standing un-called for top 12. Very disappointed because I looked at what I brought compaired to what some of the other contestants who made the top 12 and I felt I was stronger. BUT that’s the risk you take when you do a contest. Sometimes the judges love you and other times they dont see your vision like you do!”

I hear you, Lady. We could definitely have pow-wow about the wow-wow and hocus-pocus of it all. Been there, scratched my head and boo hoo’d a hoo, too. Ever thought about auditioning for RuPaul’s Drag Race and how do you feel about the way the career paths of many new generation queens have both changed and often skyrocketed by appearance fee and exposure because of being on the show?

“I have actually auditioned 2 times. I think that the show is an amazing tool for entertainers of all ages to get exsposure and better their life. You can really capitalize on being a part of that show if you play your cards right! I will continue to audition but it’s just like any other television show. They have a set type cast and if I’m lucky to be what they are looking for then I’ll get on and if not I’ll continue to support it.”

Girl, very mature and realistic. How did you get involved with Erasure? I worship Andy Bell and their music. Can you describe what you and “partner in crime” Shontelle T. Sparkles do during the performances and is this an ongoing tour? Did you get picked because you look like glamazon bookends and was there an audition?

“Andy Bell is an AMAZING person. Such a nice guy and very reserved at times but when he is comfortabke around you he opens up to be a very hilarious guy. Shontelle and I are his ‘fembot’ backup dancers. The Regeneration Tour was the tour we just were on where we traveled all over the U.S. and Mexico City. There will be other tours but no dates as of yet. We did go through an audition to be able to get on this tour. He had a vision and thank goodness we were what he was looking for!”

It sounds so fun and wonderful. What a fierce experience! Tell us about the new song you’ve dropped with Shontelle called “Schlong” from La Whores or is it L.A. Whores? The video is a twisted stitch. Spill all of that Tea! What inspired all of this. I live. That title is dirty. And this is your second single I just read? Did I spell that right?

“It’s actually Shlong… We spelt it this way because in our song we spell out the word S H L O N G and it just fit better without the C, our slang version if you will. This is actually our first single. Shontelle and I met on the Andy Bell tour and Andy actually named our band ‘La’ Whore.’ We wanted to do something fun, funny while bringing HIGH glam mixed with some comedic relief. The song ‘SHLONG’ was inspired by, well… exactly what it is. We are drag queens. We are in clubs around hot naked men and we wanted to celebrate that in a funny way! (smiling) Our next single is called ‘Keep Shitting Myself’ featuring Misty Eyez from South Florida will be dropping soon!”

Well, first of all. I’m sorry for my incorrectness. I’m shamed. Forgive? OK, I’m better. Well, nonetheless it’s very cute. Tell me about your relationship with Shontelle? What type of bond do the two of you have and please describe what you see when you watch her perform?

“You know Shontelle has far less stage time than me. She has been doing drag for about 3 or 4 years I believe and I think she is just AMAZING. Her makeup and hair skills are out of this world. She is hilarious and an all-around good person. I see her as a lil’ sister. I hope that I have helped guide her in the right direction in some things and believe it or not she inspires me to be better too.”

Perfect. Do you see yourself moving out of Florida with the city lights of Hollywood in your future or are you comfortable where you are today?

“You know I LOVE FLORIDA. Florida welcomed me with open arms when I thought it was going to be the opposite. This place is my home. But if things ever happen to where I need to move on I will. I am ready to go where ever my future takes me as long as it’s something positive and fun!”

Best way for fans and followers to come find you and worship?!

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