Cher Hits Ontario Dressed To Kill 2014

After a good amount of time from the finale of her “Living Proof: The Farewell Tour” which later was coined “Never Can Say Goodbye,” Cher releases brand new music on her 25th album with Closer To The Truth and hits the road with tons of stops across our great lands with her “Dressed To Kill Tour.” I just purchased our tickets for her July 5, 2014 show. Yes, it IS very far in advance but just to get four tickets together with American Express pre-sale I was forced to place us quite a bit behind the front row without going broke. I’ve seen Cher a good number of times and shall revel in the experience no matter where we sit because we may be standing the entire time. Sorry for those behind me. It’s a concert. Stand and watch Cher or sit and stare at my ass. Your pick.

I would have loved to gotten up close and personal with her majesty but I wanted to enjoy some dinner out before the concert and a sweet purchase of a souvenir t-shirt as well. Plus, like I mentioned there really wasn’t much opportunity for us 4 to sit together unless we climbed a stair or two. No Tea. It’s Cher! John and Rob will be attending the festivities with me and the husband so it will be total Kiki, for reals. And we simply know it wouldn’t be Cher without drones and tribes of gay bears, flower children of the ’60s and flamboyant gorgeous queer men. To refresh your lyric knowledge beforehand grab The Very Best Of Cher for the ultimate in Cher hits. I came across a few stories I had shared a year or so ago about what Cher means to me. Read them here! And enjoy the show. I can’t wait, but I will. ♥

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