Britney Spears Appears at Planet Hollywood

Unless you live under a rock then you are keenly aware that our Pop Princess Britney Spears is about to set up shop and begin residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas beginning December 12 and continuing for two years with approximately 50+ shows of greatest hits and material from her upcoming album including #1 track Work Bitch and guess who has a ticket for opening night?! Me, that’s who!

As soon as tickets went on sale I jumped online and got preferred seating through American Express finding myself in the rear orchestra and on the right. Did I mention OPENING NIGHT?! We had planned to go to Sin City for the holidays and my birthday. This was the deal maker. Naturally, The Cosmopolitan will be home for us for Xmas while we’re skating on The Ice Rink above The Strip like last year! I just got my fur coat back from Louisville where I left it behind after E.O.Y. so I will be sporting the hell out of that in Sin City during the winter. Feeling that, for reals!

If you caught the excitingly hyped announcement and worst kept secret on Good Morning America where over 1000+ fans were bussed in to the desert outside Las Vegas in the wee hours to then perhaps you noticed Britney’s detachment from the situation. I did. I always give her the benefit of the doubt. You see, she inspired my daughter’s name. Of course, this is my Jack Russell I speak of. Plus, I’ve been a fan of Britney through thick and thin. It was ridiculously early. It’s reported that she actually got sick in the helicopter that she flew in. I get it. She looked like she desperately needed some water to drink.

I met a dancer from Jubilee! at Bally’s hired to be part of it along with Britney impersonator Derrick Barry who described the situation as dreadful. The dancer said it was disorganized and Derrick was questioned on why he was dressed like her. After his reply about being hired by Caesar’s Entreatment they allegedly left him alone and moved on. It really seemed like a lot of effort for such a quick bit. Let her walk down from her penthouse I’m sure they’ll have her tucked away in and do a big splash at the resort calling it a day. Rumors started circulating that ticket sales were quite down from expectations but it seems it was only tale. Here’s what her camp had to say about the lip-sync rumors, auditions and where she is with the show.

Nonetheless, I’m super excited about seeing her. My buddy Brian and I trekked down to Hollywood and Highland years ago when Toxic was hitting hard to see Britney who was appearing on some morning show and performing live outside. The day was everything. We had time to take the Metro to Universal Studios, snap a few photos and make it back in time to see her do her set. She looked wonderful. I know her Las Vegas show will be flamboyant, shameless, choreography-heavy and full of gay family.

And again, it’s Britney Spears’ Piece of Me – OPENING NIGHT in Las Vegas.

What else do you need to know?!

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