Quick ReCap of Project Runway Season 12

We admittedly tuned out of Project Runway on Lifetime TV for lack of interest the last couple of seasons but decided to check it out and set the DVR again taping the reality showcase of fashion, drama and something this season so shockingly delicious it was hard to believe I was seeing what thine eyes saw. The season has been good but of course the drama has been turned up between the designers. They encourage we viewers to use social media like never-before to engage while viewing with what we’re thinking about the challenges and judge’s decisions in real time. When did we stop enjoying the television and begin keeping our smartphones glued to our hands? I think it’s crazy. Yes my iPhone is in my hand or very near but don’t instruct me on when to use it and when not to.

But this season the highlights have been a’plenty. We’ve had everyone and everything from recently-eliminated sexy U.K. bloke Jeremy to Tim Gunn’s “den mother” wisdom to Heidi Klum’s incredibleness to Sandro’s amazingly impressive 11 o’clocker. Oh, you didn’t catch him and it? If you’re tuning in late to the season you’ve missed hot-headed Russian time bomb Sandro and his amazing crotch. The first time the camera panned out enough to find it in view I commented, “WOW!” while wondering to myself if I really saw what I believe I saw. And don’t get me started on this swimsuit in the picture above. Look closely for the kitty. Meow.

Yes, I love a healthy basket. I’m a gay man! But either fashion designing or stick-thin models seriously give him the feelings down south because it always seemed that he was sporting wood positioned at 11 o’clock. And as I like to say, “It looks like a healthy piece.” Sometimes we could catch a gorgeous glimpse of Crotchzilla and other times he would cup his hands together in front of it to block the sight from view. Nonetheless, I found it all very stimulating and wanted more! But then he hastily walked off the set and quit the show so that was that. In today’s gay culture, we must find personal solace in places that we may. I could find myself in Sandro’s mirth and girth any damn time. #JustSaying

Oh, yes! Good Luck Designers! ♥

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