American Ninja Warrior – Gay Dreams

I got into watching American Ninja Warrior a while back but have really caught the fever seeing every episode and obstacle course these (mostly) men and women scale and swing through this current season on both G4TV Network and NBC. Our DVR is set on record every time a new episode comes passing by. As the finale approaches, Japan’s famed Mount Midoriyama will come to the U.S. as the National Finals culminate in Las Vegas across The Strip from Mandalay Bay.

As I mentioned, a few women have attempted to handle the punishing obstacles and treacherous brutal course but it’s mostly solid beef of man that have the most success. Many of the showmen in their own right but physically advanced, as well. The tasks that are laid before them put each contestant through their paces of endurance with bragging rights plus $500K going to the winner. Only 3 in the world have succeeded with 0 completing the feat as the first American Ninja Warrior.

If you like eye-candy created from muscle, brawn, confidence and a great dose of swagger, catch American Ninja Warrior before the season ends! Some of it looks really F!ing fun. Other parts narrow between impossible and “Oh, hell no!” With challenges like the Warped Wall, the Quintuple Steps and Salmon Latter, it’s enough to drive these course soldiers crazy. Low on the drama, high on the perseverance and determination of man and enjoyment all around. Visually, it’s stunning. And are there any openly gay athletes competing on the show? Not yet but if this many men care this much about being in amazing shape, someone has to be! I’m just saying…

And sexy-ass emcee Matt Iseman below… for the road. Love his damn gravel voice when he says, “Next time on American Ninja Warrior.” ♥

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