Who are the Farm Kings? I bet you’ve heard about the King family via friends or by passing through on a wave of channel surfing. Meet the Kings, a family who runs Freedom Farms and serves “farm to table” food and vegetables providing the Pittsburgh region the freshest produce possible. And besides being the hardest working family this side of the Kardashians (I chuckle at the comparison!) the King brothers, there’s 9 of them, are more stunning the next. If I could also mention that I truly believe that this TV show should be required watching for today’s youth. It shows what hard work is all about, how family bonds can be stronger than anything and where wholesome and true farming takes place. They really have a deep love for one another.

And like their t-shirts testify…  No Farms – No Food!

Underneath Mamma Bear Lisa, there’s older brother Joe, Tim, Pete, Dan (my personal hero!), Luke, Sam, John (gorgeous heartbreaker at 16!), Paul and Ben. “Bitty” is the only female (2nd oldest child) around other than Lisa with the testosterone running rampant across plains and cornfields from the male brood of the King family. And above all else, the King boys worship their Mamma Bear. The family is truly inspiring and we’re so glad we found the show. We really enjoy it! This is reality TV done right.

And did I mention that the boys are gorgeous?! They are often shirtless, sweaty and wrestling one another in the fields. Their teeth are pearly white, skin is tan and clear, and they’re mostly always in good moods considering the amount of time they spend with one another. That is until a drought or hailstorm has created havoc on all of their hard work which is quite heartbreaking. Set your DVR, catch it live or watch it online. You too will fall in love with the King family. Find their WEBSITE for t-shirts, locations and just to say Hello!

Farm Kings can be found on GAC (Great American Country) channel on Thursdays at 9 p.m. I dare you to try and pick your favorite brother. Dare, I say!

John… Again, you’ll be 18 when?!


  1. walter goza's Gravatar walter goza
    2014/10/28 - 10:15 AM | Permalink

    i love the farm kings. i really like dan and luke the most. they are like my sons. walter

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