With the drastic drop in weather perfectly scheduled with Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend, wearing leather in the desert wasn’t such a warm and sweaty task as it oft is. I’ve been busy preparing for Mr. All American Gent 2013 and figured we’d check out the contest so I could do homework for the competition that I’m doing. Anytime there’s an onstage judged category to be seen, a contestant of any type can benefit from what they witness and hear. I like to listen in especially to the onstage questions where I in-turn answer them in real time inside my head.

However, the Q/A they deliver at leather contests can often be trite and silly with a campy sexual overtone poured across them like horny sugar. Last evening was no exception by the help of master emcee Lenny Broberg with his dramatic and comedic pauses and refusals to ask way-too-crazy-for-mention questions. He is one sexy man. “Officer! Over here with that nightstick. I’ve been bad.” Overall the contest ran swimmingly. The packed house was in great form and the Silent Auction items were getting some generous bids. Daddy-stud and dear friend Colton Ford was name-dropped at least 3-4 times within a matter a minutes while the ever-present PS Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence whooped and hollered painted in hues of glitter bionic blue, spackle geisha white and dressed in outrageous drag.

We arrived a few minutes late just in time for contestant one to come out and start the evening with a bang and a twirl. All four men were equally strong in the various categories that would then decide who would succeed my dear friend Todd Peter as the next Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2013. The contestants in order of appearance: Mr. Barracks Leather – Jonathon Roseblatt; Mr. Tool Shed Leather – Scott Smith; Mr. Leather Indulgence – Steven Crawford; Mr. Off Ramp Leather – Christopher Durbin.

And who decided the fate of these great men? The judges, of course! Dennis McMahon, Dean Ogren, Mike Russell, Ron Todd, West, Mr. PS Leather 2012 Todd Peter and IML 2012 Woody Woodruff. I naturally did my own tabulations off to the side behind a pricey Convention Center-poured cocktail. The adored Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus group Caballeros were there to perform a few rounds of vocal adrenaline. However, as wonderful as they did sound their choices for music were a bit on the snoozy side. With the rowdy dressed-in-cowhide crowd listening anxiously I believe that a rousing round of show tunes or Donna Summer would have been a nice offering. Just a thought for next time. I kept wanting to hear MacArthur Park for some reason.

A hot jacuzzi soon called our names back home so we didn’t stay for the OiNK! Leather/Fetish Victory Dance Party with DJ Chi Chi LaRue spinning the latest and greatest from today’s pop royalty. Through all of the various events organized by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert (PSLOD) and its support team, anyone could easily see the Valley was rolling with the hottest inked muscle hunks and leather-clad folk one could find this side of the Castro.

And the winners? In the end through jockstraps, bare asses and heartfelt speeches, 1st-Alternate went to Christopher Durbin and our WINNER – Scott Smith representing Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2013 will be heading to Chicago during Memorial Day Weekend to compete in the grand show of shows, International Mr. Leather 2013 as our current Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2013!


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    Hey Steve

    My partner Paul and I were talking good drag entertainers and snatch came up. Tried finding about him through the imperial court site but they deleted him. Just wondering if you are snatch and are you still performing. If you are I hope you are still with you partner. I noticed in your blog you are going for entertainer of the year if you are snatch we might be interested in supporting again. Thanks for you time and attention. Dennis

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