With the election drawing near and coming to a welcomed finale, I had to knock out a quick but important post before many do their final voting tomorrow. That is if people can get to the polls between dealing with long lines, voter repression, Hurricane Sandy aftermath, alleged GOP shade with closing early-voting places down sooner than expected, and memories of the “Hanging Chad” of yesteryear. We all seen the scathing TV ads. Gagged at the ridiculous amounts of money spent on campaigns. Some have unfriended others on Facebook and social media because of their party affiliation and beliefs. But through it all I can’t remember another election that had so many people feeling so passionate about the outcome. Thanks to social networking! We voted early to avoid the conversation in the lines waiting. I hear enough at work and see the media’s purging of the latest facts and poll percentages. I’ll be glad when this is over.

This is a very big time in our history. Things could change horribly from what we have known with Obama and the way he looks out for us, the middle class and minorities. And if things do change, God help us. Many depend on the services and assistance that are on the virtual chopping block if Mitt Romney wins. The race is very, very close. It’s really up to a certain group of people in precious areas that can change the course of everyone’s next four years and beyond. No matter who you vote for, I only ask this… Which candidate is looking after YOU and YOUR well being? Once the curtain is pulled, the choice is honestly yours.

Could you be the President of our United States? Didn’t think so. Are we in better shape than we were in ’08. Absolutely. Obama walked into a complete mess and has held his own and then some throughout the hurdles and obstacles left over from a hateful Republican Party and someone named Bush. If you identify as LGBTQ, or a woman, or any minority, then I really CAN’T see how you could vote for Romney. I never claimed to be this fierce politico but common sense tells me that equality is important to me and needs to be on everyone’s mind. Mitt’s not looking out for me. Obama is.

I don’t have tons of money so I’m not sure how voting for Mittens would be beneficial for me. He doesn’t care about you. He only cares about himself! Oh, the lies he tells. God help us ALL if he is elected. And what about his running lycan Paul Ryan. He seems even more dangerous and is the heir of the extreme right wing of the Republican party, A.K.A. “Tea Party, Fundamentalists and Co.” Picture it. Romney wins. His fateful end and unexpected demise happens during his term and Ryan is our now President. Have you seen The Hunger Games? I’m fearful for our lives and livelihood. It could be worse than anything we’ve ever braced and braved through before in our generation. Barack Obama is the ONLY choice. I wish you could see it my way. How can you not?!

VOTE! That’s all I can encourage. Hopefully you’ve done the research and will make an informed vote and not hasty decision based on manipulated poll numbers, some stupid fame-hungry celebrity endorsement or someone else’s views… Unless they’re mine.

Thank you. I’m Steven Michael and I approved this message.

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