I have had his naked pictures positioned perfectly on my MacBook desktop screaming for exposure to the blog. I’ve wanted to show you the goods and now I have! Here is gorgeous gymnast Danell Layva in much of his glory. If you do a search for him you will see ALL of the sexting images he has put out in the mobile world for allegedly his female fans.

However, I believe that he is in on the fact that his rabid gay fan base would love the hint of truth to the rumor that he is in fact gay because the photos are very sexy and somewhat revealing. Although I prefer these images for the sharing. His body rocks and I’d love to see his cock-a-doodle-doo.

However, as research has proved, Danell Leyva appears to be quite straight. Alas, I offer these tempting screen savers for your viewing, perusing and molesting. Again, right-click save on your PC and click-and-drag on your Mac desktop. Just saying…

As Boy George crooned I’ll Tumble 4 Ya! Danell Leyva is STUNNING. Dost thou agreeth? Oh, yeah! Accomplishments include being the 2011 U.S national all-around gold medalist, 2011 world champion on the parallel bars and is also the Bronze Medal winner in the 2012 London Olympics in Men’s All Around competition. Congrats Danell! Team USA.

And one for the road… It called out and said, “Show Danell’s fans one more! Baby, just one more! So I have. I give you my all, I really do. X

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