Amber hit the club scene in the late ’90s on massive dance floors with explosive hits like “This is Your Night,” “If You Could Read My Mind,” “Sexual (Li Da Di)” and “One More Night.” I had just pulled her CD out the other day to listen to it before hearing from her team letting me know that she was hitting the road again on tour very soon. I was hoping to get Amber here on the website for an interview sharing what life has been like for her since then, her inspirations, what’s in store for the tour, and when and where fans can find her. And who she’s voting for in November. Here’s the grounded one in her own words…

Steven Michael – Amber, thanks for the few moments we have together! Big fan of your music here! I also have a Gay Dance Music Blog I’ll contribute this to in some form. Always brings back great memories of a fun past. When did you realize that you were beginning to have a delicious taste of fame? Was there a pinnacle moment that made everything appear to be happening for you?

Amber – “I never had the ‘taste for fame.’ Fame to me is more of a nuisance, which comes with this profession. I could have hired publicists and could have hooked up with other famous people for fake pictures but that just isn’t me.”

“I happen to enjoy my privacy very much. I am a very grounded girl at heart and just love making music and the joy I can spread with it. Not a media whore at all… lol. That ‘moment’ that you are referring to was probably really around 1999 where the hits just kept hitting. But I am a firm and also realistic believer that what goes up, eventually also will come down. I believe in staying humble and not think of myself on an alternate universe. And I am pretty sure, that this is the key point that in the end, I am still a working artist after 15 years.”

You seem very grounded. It’s always refreshing and comforting to know that there are celebrities who can live with humility after major success. How does it feel having fans still wanting more from you? Tell us about your upcoming tour and will there be any new music you’ll be performing?

“I have a very close connection with my fans and actually was one of the first, that decided to set up a message board on my then website. I give them a glimpse of myself as a person and want them to see beyond the false glamour of it all. And it is nice to see that many have followed with the social media evolving. After all, they are the ones, that have supported me and helped me to get to where I am today.”

“I have 2 dates confirmed right now in the US: 12/15/12 @ Nu Club in Richmond, VA and on 12/31/12 @ the Parliament House in Orlando, FL. There will no new music be performed at this time.”

Ah, spent many a crazy weekend in Orlando at the Parliament House. Love that place! Always a good time to be had by all. What do you find to be your fans’ favorite song you’ve done? It’s hard for me to decide, if asked, which is my most cherished. Nah, I could do it. “Above the Clouds,” by far.

“Sometimes hard to tell. I had a moment in time, where I wanted to cut certain songs out of my performance repertoire but got instant complaints about it. I believe, that every fan of mine has their individual favorite song of mine, which they connect to let it be through memories or a personal break through moment at some place in time. However… ‘Sexual’ still gets people to act crazy.” (laughing)

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your career? And in your personal life?

“I listen to an array of artists and genres. Funnily – not really Dance Music or Hip Hop. I would say that Barbra Streisand is one of my all time favorites. But I can also appreciate music by Coldplay, Sting, Jonathan Butler, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Adele, Oleta Adams, Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel or classical music by Chopin. So as you can see, very diverse and the list is endless really. It always comes down to that magical moment where the right voice collides with the right song with the right emotion and interpretation really.”

“In my personal life, I am a family girl and my Mom is my biggest inspiration.”

Biggest misconception about you, Amber?

“Probably that people think I am leading this perfect glamorous life and am insanely rich. People are easily fooled by the Top 10 highly publicized artists out there. They flash all their cars, houses and designer clothes, and people tend to reflect that on everyone that sings or acts in the limelight. I lead a very regular life and my family and my son, and their health is my priority. I do not even have a car… so there. But why is that? It is because I do not see ‘things’ as a priority in my life. And yes… others have taken advantage of that in my career. But at least I can have and live with a clear conscience.”

What’s private time with you like? Are you a homebody or do you find yourself out and about?

“I am an absolute homebody. Like to go for walks in nature and just enjoy the simple things in life and most of all… do not take them for granted. What a disappointment this must be… Ha-Ha!”

No, please. I love it. We (partner and I) live very public lives during the day at our jobs so when we’re at home we lock the doors and don’t leave, as well. I understand. Who have you always wanted to record with but haven’t had the opportunity?

“I would love to work with Annie Lennox, Sting and Peter Gabriel. They strike me as very decent and critical thinking individuals.”

I must admit that Above the Clouds is the song that my partner and I consider “our song.” It nails home our first year together perfectly. After 12 years going strong, we’re all good. Plus, when it was featured in the episode of Sex and The City, I just wept. The music made that final scene magical and the helped the touchy storyline brilliantly. Have you have fans express stories of how your music affected them?

“Oh yes, all the time. That is what makes music so beautiful and universal. People relate them to their own stories and moments in time. Although after the many stories that were shared with me through many fans, I am getting the strong impression that my music actually turns people gay.” (laughing)



That is hilarious! High-larity… Will you be making it to Palm Springs? We’d love to see you! Maybe at one of the few circuit parties we actually do have.

“I have been in Palm Springs a few times throughout my career. I remember a White Party many years back. Reality though is that it is up to the venues to want and book me. So if they do I guess I will be seeing you!”

What do you enjoy about performing and does it ever give you nerves or anxiety? I’m a choreographer and simply love the stage.

“I am always a bit anxious and think that is normal and comes with the territory. And I ALWAYS have to go to the bathroom just before the show. But once you go out there and receive a lovely welcome by the crowd and see them participating feeling a positive energy, it blows over fast.”

What and/or who makes you feel beautiful?

“Real beauty comes from character and how you live your life and by what principles. We are all unique and special in our very individual ways. I do not comply with the stereotyping of beauty standards forced upon us by media. I feel beautiful by being independent and being loved by my son, family and friends.”

Loving it! What and/or who makes you laugh until you cry?

“My mother and my brother are best at that.”

Other than the tour, what’s the future hold for you?

“We never know for sure. I am definitely planning on more music and am working on some ideas. But when it gets to that point, I will let everyone know.”

And finally, what have you always wanted to be asked in a interview but haven’t yet?

“The question here is… What have I not been asked throughout the countless interviews over years so far?”

“I leave that up to the interviewer always and if feel the need to get something across, I will find a way to insert it anyway. Like this one: OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!! Thanks for your time, Steven!”

Find Amber at the links below and support her tours if she comes to a town near you. Let her take you back to another place in time where carefree nights led into shameless mornings. Thanks to Amber for her honesty and gracious time. I’m truly looking forward for big things to come her way!

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