Pride Palm Springs 2012 is approaching and here’s where and what and who you should be doing. If you’re part of the LGBT community and can’t miss the gym, World Gym will have a weekend pass for $29 so bring your muscled ass over to see us and we’ll take care of you. The staff is incredibly friendly and strive to make sure each and every member is well taken care of. Rainbow Gods will shine over our Palm Springs Oasis with the Block Party on Arenas (or Queerville to the locals) and the Main Festival 10-6 both days, November 3-4. Entrance to the Festival is $15 with $25 for both days, I believe.

I’m performing with Mac Valentine on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. on one of the main stages. I’ve choreographed two numbers for Mac-A-Licious who has surprisingly picked up very fast for never working with a professional choreographer. Shaun Waters is dancing alongside us and we plan on having a really fun festive time on stage being the showgirls that we not-so-secretly are. We’ll be offering Nasty Pig thug punk realness. Or maybe just a jockstrap. Come see for yourself. Would love to see and hear you in the audience giving us cheers and applause. I’m especially looking forward to performing. It’s been a while. Well, on a stage… X

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