Palm Springs has been a flurry of activity as the summer begins to very slowly fade into September. The annual Hot ‘N Dry event has descended on Coachella Valley where countless sober muscle hunks who have left the party behind but truly need the socialality of the circuit event can come to the desert and let their facial hair down, so to speak. Almost every single one of them have face fur and inked muscles covering their good attitudes and friendly spirits. There were a few of them I couldn’t look at for too long because their stunningness blinded me. I became giddy, in fact, like a good southern belle waiting for a gentleman caller to come to her parlor and do her good backstage.

Honestly, we’ve had a great time time with the visiting guys working out at World Gym. I’ve terrorized them with my non-filtered conversation and they’ve gratefully replied their love for coming back year after year. I know for a fact that the out-of-towners that come to train at World Gym from other major cities don’t get the same treatment at their home gyms. That’s why our repeat business is through the roof. We treat people like they are at home. Our staff is a set of entertainers serving many purposes for our grand members and every day is an adventure for anyone coming through the doors. Check out our Facebook Page and click “Like.”

Hot ‘N Dry has filled the Riviera Hotel and Spa for the weekend even though people began arriving on Tuesday. We’ve been running a special pass for the attendees so we’ve gotten to know many of them. Without an event pass for the weekend there’s NO entrance to the hotel. It’s very private and reserved. I wish them all a great time and gallons of strength.

Welcome to our Palm Springs Oasis! Hugs are on me…

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