Film legends come and go during our time but hairy and hung muscle stud Wade Neff worked for the COLT Studio Group for a good number of years and still brings in the fans through his scorching photos, sexy movies and hunky iconic pictures! With the help of search engines and a brilliant webMaster I am able to see where Internet traffic comes from, which keywords work and what people cruising my domain are looking to find. WADE NEFF – COLT MAN. There, I said it… Luckily I know Wade well and have gotten together with him to find out what is happening with Colt Studios’ iconic superstar. I knew it would be something wonderful I could give back to his fans and my readers. Generous and approachable, this is Wade in his own words. Read on…

Steven Michael – Wade, share your excitement and hopes for your official move to Palm Springs.

Wade Neff – “We’re not [officially] moving to Palm Springs, just visiting once a month for a week. I am semi-retired only. I have no plans when I get there other than go to gym and rest.”

That sounds like a real good plan! How does it feel to still have the recognition of being Wade Neff, COLT Icon? I have a good number of people come to my website in search of Wade Neff. I knew they’d love an updated Q/A with you.

“Being Wade Neff is sometimes tuff and other times fun. I like my privacy most but I don’t like to be rude either. Still being reconized as Wade is hard to believe for it was over ten years ago I started with COLT Studios.”

Fans want to know what it is about you that would surprise them if they knew this about Wade… My gay bear friends simply worship you! And in this ever-changing gay culture that’s a great thing!

“As far as telling my fans a secret! NO. I have to have some private time and secrets to myself. But if you really must know something, I like girls, too!”

HOT! Loving that. How are you dealing with the amazing aging process we are all trying to handle with grace?

“Aging sucks. I think a face lift is in order. Just have to save up the cash to do it. Ha-Ha! I go to the gym five days a week and have a trainer to keep me in line. But the face is the hard part that always shows age on everyone.”

Have you always felt comfortable in your strong daddy role? That’s how it’s perceived from our side.

“Having a strong daddy look is cool with me. I like it ! BUT I don’t have time or money for young 25-year-olds asking to be looked after or money that’s for sure.”

Biggest physical Turn-On of a man, meaning are you an “Ass Man” or do you like beautiful eyes, or…?

“I like a guy in his mid to late 40s, 6’5″ and very muscular with a big crotch. A big crotch turns me on.”

Yes, Mr. Neff. You’ve shamelessly mentioned that to me before. Biggest character Turn-Off of a man? For instance I really don’t appreciate men who can’t look at me in the eyes. Shows lack of confidence… Thoughts?

“Turn-Off … Men of any age that think they are god’s gift to other men. WTF?! Or guys that just want money or to be looked after.”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“When I grow up! Well, I want to be a rich healthy man that is happy with my life.”

When you have time to put your feet up and relax, what’s happening? A strong drink or beer? Nice foot rub from yours truly? Describe your downtime…

“Downtime is in Hawaii on the beach talking to no one and after having a few Mai Tai’s with my partner.”

That sounds fabulous! What attracts you to Palm Springs enough to move here?

“I like Palm Springs because it’s close to Vancouver and affordable. Plus, the weather is great!”

And you’ve been with your partner for how long now? How do you make it work for so long? Will he be here with you?

“We have been together for eighteen years. It’s still good and will be for many more years. I will be training at World Gym in Palm Springs so I’ll see you there. Yes, I’ll be with my partner and we’ll maybe even hire a trainer!”

Thanks Wade! Hope to see you around the Tool Shed for a beer sometime. Always a pleasure, my friend. Can’t wait to see the new tattoo in person! Send us photos soon and stay in touch! Woofers! Your grateful fans and I thank you! xo


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    Who was was the Gay legend that so famously said: “I have no private parts – only public ones.” But it seems the iconic Wade Neff is acutely aware he has both – and respects them equally.

    I share Mr. Neff’s hankering for really tall men. Those Six foot Fiver’s are Sooooooo hard to ignore when they *impose* into a room, ya know. It’s a rare treat when some guy taller than me flips my head back and pries my jaw open like a PEZ dispenser and shoves his bristly muzzle and tongue down my throat. Short, L’il Stubbers take this for granted, so I get where a tall-framed man like Wade is coming from.

    Nice interview – Oh and BTW, If I ever happen to spot him working out I promise not to think about: 1. Foreskin 2. His Jock-Strap and 3. Stealing it while he showers. 🙂

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