It was just a few weeks ago we headed down south to San Diego Gay Pride and adventures at Black’s Beach. With John and Rob in tow once more, we pressed it down the interstate towards Hillcrest for the LGBTQ celebration and gay times. Yes, we’ve been to a good number of pride parades but never to San Diego’s festivities. Very impressive! Plus, my virgin trip to the infamous Black’s Beach was our main agenda. I had heard all about this cliff scaling one must endure to descend into the gay beach. All treacherous and such, and reportedly “friendly.”

We arrived just as the parade was coming around the bend towards the end. After finding quick parking at 24-Hour Fitness our legs carried us towards the clouds of pink triangle glow and queerdom! Of course the anti-gay group was in quiet force with their signs of spiritual outcry and shame for us anal-adventurists. One hater preached his words through a megaphone while other bearded dads stood behind sunglasses with their thumbs pointing down. Ooh, that burned. They showed and told us! Next to them were another group of sign carriers chanting the opposite themes wanting love for all.

However, the most impressive part of the parade was the armed forces and uniformed guards of San Diego and their presence in amazing support. Motorcycle cops were high-fiving people as they drove by smiling. Uniforms in groups marched waving. Firetrucks blew horns and caused a ruckus in complete support. And it went on and on for a few good minutes. I was very impressed! Then there was a small constituency from Palm Springs which was a scaled down comparison. Though I did love the ginormous inflated married same-sex couples they pulled down the streets. Strangely enough I really only recognized one guy from the entire Palm Springs entry. We asked, “Who are these people?”

After a few hours of crowd surfing, the beach called and said, “Get over here you bums!” Once we pulled up in the parking lot overlooking the beach in La Jolla I was certain of two things. Everything I heard about the climb down was dead on. It was pure moutain climbing realness. Not for the faint at heart. And bring appropriate shoes with traction because you will get your feet dirty and flip-flops are not the answer here. Unfortunately Rob was having a few issues with heights and couldn’t make it down.  So understandable since it is very damn steep. They stayed up top while we finished the trek down to the sand.

I actually loved the climb but it was challenging. The beach is a secluded nude beach which explains the challenge of getting to it. We planted our beach sheet and towels, had some packed lunch and stayed an hour or so. We’ve actually decided to head back down to San Diego on Saturday and spend the day just the two of us. The water was so relaxing I didn’t want to leave! And to be completely honest I’m quite the voyeur as well as an exhibitionist so the setting is perfect.


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