We finally saw Jean Dujardin in the The Artist last night on DVD via our trusty Redbox. We have to wait a few days extra for the newest releases but it’s all good. Especially for the nominal fee for rentals. The movie is not for everyone even though it won Best Picture and Best Actor at the Oscars in the spring among other awards. It took me overnight to really appreciate it for the story it was able to tell without the words.



First of all, Dujardin is so handsome when he smiles my heart melts. His dog was too damn cute reminding us of our very own Barney. I often wish he was as well trained as Uggie was for the film. Luckily we had splashed with the kids earlier that made them too tired to care what we were watching on TV. Dogs or animals, cartoon or otherwise, give our furry little ones greater fever. They want to bark while trying to get at them in the window which is what they must believe the television is. The only time our dogs tuned into the film was the brief moment during a dream sequence when the sound of the onscreen dog’s bark startled them. We’ve thought about trying one of those Thundershirts for dogs like the cute one below.



But back to The Artist. We really enjoyed it. Of course, it’s highly doubtful that many other’s will follow suit and get on the silent film wagon as the studios quickly did with 3-D. Once you as the viewer get over the fact that there is no verbal dialogue, very little of the words that would appear over the screen in a silent picture actually do appear which makes the audience rely upon Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo to covey the story and emotion between their chacters. He is phenomenal in this film. Debonaire, suave, slightly hardheaded and narcissistic with a big heart but so charming that we forgive him. Especially towards the end where his character “George” hits rockbottom and looses everything. The story is timeless even though the film is period.

Rent it, buy it, see it. It’s really good! Open minds, people. And Junior Mints from the fridge.

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