I’ve been sending birthday gifts to faraway friends lately since I can’t be there. Unfortunately time and distance separates us. Fortunately there’s trusty Gift Cards with E-mail Delivery to help me when I can’t arrive in person. When it comes to the best birthday gifts for gay men the ideas and lists run the gamut from leather to lace depending on exactly what man we’re speaking of. It’s all good. No Tea, No Shade. I love them all. Well, most.

Every man, gay or straight, needs a trendy and classy carrying case for their Apple MacBook Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 for when they travel or simply hit the local coffeehouse. The smell of leather may attract one friend while a sturdy canvas style may suit others. Check out the look of this one… LOVE IT.



There’s been a big brouhaha lately from the likes of Anderson Cooper on Kathy Griffin’s talk show Kathy and drag superstar Chad Michaels on Twitter about travelers wearing flip-flops on airplanes and airports.  I enjoy dressing very well for flights, too. But guess what, girls. That’s never going to change unless the airlines start charging fees to wear them. Plus, during the TSA ordeal at Security, less hassle is more ease and breeze. And also, what’s the difference between women in sandals or someone in flip-flops? Just saying. So why not give your man a new pair so if he’s going to get eyes his feet look good. And a gift certificate for a pedicure would be smart! This is a wicked pair of flip-flops for the sexy man in your world…



I wear cotton boxers shorts underneath my trousers. Not that you needed to know that but it gives me room to grow on really hot days. <wink-wink> I’ve tried wearing jockey style and have before but always grab a loose pair of boxers or boxer briefs for an after-the-pool lounging or nap time apparel. Nothing says I care like giving a man a pair of new fresh underwear. Crisp white or a nice subtle print will be aces when deciding. Classic and clean… (Couldn’t help but show this picture!)



Since I live in the brutal climate of the desert of Palm Springs Oasis, my skin is something I try my best to keep looking good. Any man needs help with the diminishing of a few lines of experience on his face and DDF Glycolic 5% Exfoliating Wash works wonders! Trust me. I discovered this years ago and love a dab on my fingers to really smooth out imperfections. For my skin since I have many tattoos I use Lubriderm Lotion SPF 15 . Never leave home without it. And for the eyes, this gel is amazing…

With rumors swirling of a new iPhone coming out in the fall your man may not need this but it is super helpful for those battery-eating apps. I have one and it really makes a difference. Especially when I travel or go the beach and am away from a power source. Check this out…



And finally, if you’ve never seen the Apple TV in action, you must! I’ve been curling up on the couch and scrolling through YouTube videos of drag pageants, music videos and even watching myself dancing on the big screen. With the availability of Netflix streaming through, Airplay on iTunes and more this is a special gift for that very special man you share life with. Plus, you can pick it up and take it into another room for endless enjoyment! We LOVE ours!

Happy Birthday to the MEN in our lives. They fulfill us, make us whole and we are better for loving them! Treat them the best way you know how! They deserve it! And buy yourself a little something along the way!

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