I had an Über-productive weekend. My book got needed attention, my body had a great workout and I was able to blog, swim, watch 2 movies (John Carter – horrid! and Chronicle – decent!) and relax, too! However, the exciting production of creating my new choreography reel on iMovie for Apple MacBook Pro was a true highlight. I’ve wanted to get back into dance but haven’t decided to what capacity. I knew a reel of my best choreography would be a must! After dabbling on my MacBook on Friday with a clip I took of the Las Vegas Strip I felt confident that I could make the program work for me. I spent all weekend figuring it out and am thrilled with the outcome! I plan on producing more video clips and montages but for now, I’m happy with what I have. After a bit of research on other choreography reels I’ve noticed what I’ve done is quite comparable. A bit long and camera work a bit shoddy, however, the moves and motions are there. Enjoy!

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