Oh, the life of a Media Maven. Guest lists here and VIP there. The hottest new music delivered to my inbox months before it actually charts as a new release to a good handful of product that any gay man can not live without! Yes, I’m full of myself today. Well, not really but I am in a very good mood. Happy Father’s Day to ALL the dads and daddies in the world who have made my life more fulfilling. You know who you are… Especially my husband Jacques that has provided not only me but for our two furry little ones. Worship.

As I stuck my hand deep inside the mailbox Friday I pulled out the latest release from Raging Stallion titled High Voltage. This rambunctious romp of rowdy man-muscle stars a brigade of masculine daddy-gods including the gorgeously pouty Charlie Harding, sexy boy Chris Tyler and the late great Erik Rhodes.

As many in the gay community and especially in the adult film industry know we very recently lost Falcon superstar Erik Rhodes who filmed for the studio for eight years. With Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion’s merger a few years ago, Rhodes and many a Falcon model stretched their wings and began shooting for both companies.  Erik was very popular and quite famous for his films and antics on the party circuit. However, he was also known even more so posthumously for his openness about steroid abuse, excessive lifestyle, personal breakdowns and other very taboo topics in his private life.

Erik Rhodes (February 8, 1982 – June 14, 2012)

The adult industry encourages their models to look a certain way or have particular attributes to sell the product at hand, as would fashion designers, modeling agents, Hollywood, et al. Not all pornography is perfection but most of it in the gay realm is. However it’s many a gay man who puts the pressure on themselves, I do admit. The classic Falcon man that came to the forefront from the mid-90s and have carried through today have been primarily smooth, untouchable, special and often with an “exclusive” status. Other companies followed suit. Falcon always set the trends. I’ve been watching them evolve for years. I’m thrilled we have a good report.

Not every model working in porn is muscular but the ones that are, are competitive with it and each other. If you’re going to play with the “big boys” you have to be big. Bigger is better, right?! This was Erik Rhodes’ philosophy displayed so obviously on his Tumblr and social networking feeds as he shared the astronomical amount of steroids he was actually on for all to follow or feel sorry for. A tragic ending for Erik Rhodes who was only 30 years of age. I didn’t know Erik, whose real name was James, personally but with his unfortunate death comes awareness about the dangers and misuse of anabolic steroids and the desperate strive for perfection. Before starting a cycle, talk with your doctor. Prior any body modifications, ask people who know. People are going to do whatever it takes to achieve what they want. Be smart in the process.

Rest easy, Mr. Rhodes. Thanks for the beautiful art and happiness you provided your faithful fans. You’re sadly missed by many…

High Voltage is available through Raging Stallion’s popular Monster Bang series.

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