Every once in a while I’ll do a feature on people who I call The DreamChasers. Ones that have reached out to me in hopes of some media love and recognition for jobs well done. I’m unable to get to everyone right away and some things just aren’t right for the site. I include artists here for features of entertainers that I believe in and who grabbed my attention. They are varied but talented and I’m thrilled to have a piece of them here on my domain.

“Life Goes On” is the latest offering from out rapper and singer Solomon who infuses his own experiences of adolescent rumblings, drug fueled youth and family turmoil to create honest music that has a really nice edge to it. The melody is comfortable and his voice is cool. I love his sexy pout. (I wanna chew his lips off!) Solomon says this when asked about being a rapper and a singer, “I’m an artist. There are days I rap and days I sing. Just so happens this new single is a dance single.” He also cover’s Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” and does a great job on it. I love her version while he really makes it his own. I honestly enjoyed it. Especially the rap during towards the end. I was just getting off to the hot “Wit Us You Can’t…” Very kicky and up.

Check out Solomon and let us know what you think! I’m feeling him and what he’s doing! Wishing him BIG LUCK from my camp. WHURQ!



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