I’ve been procrastinating about doing this for a while as I sat on the choreography running my mouth instead of my feet. I’m not 16 anymore. I’m more like 16 + a decade + eight years + another decade. I will always choreograph, either for someone or inside my head. My passions are dance choreography and creative writing. With four blogs going and my second book in the works, I’ve got the writing covered. Unfortunately there’s few opportunities for dance in the valley so I’ve decided to start really focusing on getting my moves and steps out there so hopefully someone will see me and need what I have to offer. I’m available!

I’ve taught various styles of technical jazz dance over the years and enjoy moving dancers into new levels of performance. However, I find that I’m a better choreographer than I am teacher. I want to create the moves, teach them to capable performers and clean the rhythms. It’s hard for me to step back into square one and teach basics. But, and that’s a nice firm tight butt, I will and can teach anyone if they in return give me positive attitudes and passion to be there. (Don’t want to shoot myself in the foot!) Give me intermediate to advanced students with energy and pizazz, and we’re gonna rock. Just being honest…



The song “Shake” (on the YouTube video above) is one I’ve had for a few years. Kim Kardashian claims she had nothing to do with this but my friend DJ Bifford Michael informs me otherwise. Though, Kimmy has taken to the microphone and released “Jam (Turn It Up)” as a first single available here but offers that she’s not starting a singing career. Regardless, I like “Shake” a lot even though it’s been panned considerably. I enjoy what the the beats and grooves offer me as a choreographer (and forever showgirl.)

I felt like this take of the video worked best of the three I filmed. Not bad for an old man. I thought I handled my stamina during the filming very well considering I’m not in class regularly. However, it was after we stopped that it felt as if a small hammer was pounding from the inside of my chest trying to bust through by lungs. Wow… It was intense. But bitch can still move! Trust. Now, that’s the Tea.

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