I’ve been asked lately by various readers, followers and friends what has happened to PULP magazine and if I’m still involved writing for them. One minute the magazines are on the stands and the next they are surprisingly not! Yes, I know. The answers are that PULP has gone online only and no, I’m no longer involved. With changing times and the deteriorating magazine lifespan these days, the publishers decided to offer the magazine in an online capacity only. Although, they will still be publishing a print form of sister magazine The Bottom Line available on stands.

When I signed on in 2008 to write a biweekly column at PULP it began as a who-did-what-to-whom type installment with weekend happenings and the local flavor of the moment in Palm Springs. However, quickly realizing that since I do not go out very often and the opportunity for social exploring is limited in our quiet town, I started steering my stories into the flow of hot popular culture themes and whatever was on my mind and psyche at any given time. Luckily, the magazine went along with what I was doing and a legion of thirsty readers followed and picked up the magazine when it hit the stands to see what I’d say next! Every once in a while I’d get some feedback about covering this or watch being too editorial  regarding that but overall I was free to do my thing and the magazine trusted me.

I wrote a total of 113 installments of “Steven Spills” for PULP, the last 4 of them headed straight online. I also contributed a number of cover stories  and features to The Bottom Line and hope to possibly write for them again in a freelance form. Not sure where that stands. Sadly haven’t heard from them since I sent in my resignation letter a few weeks ago saying I needed a break. I honestly felt that my column had ran its course and decided to invest my energy and interest into my own blogs with hopes in finishing a second novel. I almost quit writing for the magazine a handful of times over the years but always found the reason I never did was because of you, my readers. I always did it for you! Sometimes the brick wall was almost too tall to climb over. All writers feel this, I’m sure.

It’s time to do it of me. Thanks for being there and I hope you find me here with everything I really want to say, without edit of heavy hand. To know me is to understand that I am honest, candid, and surprising. As my words can slice and dice, they come from a real place of compassion and optimism. I hope (and know) people can see that. Thanks for reading! No Tea, No Shade. Peace Only. X

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