Well, survey says….NO. And according to Michael Musto’s interview with Oscar nominee Clooney in an interview for the Village Voice, George would never go off on a rant saying these allegations were false or wrong because that would objectify feelings towards being gay is wrong, which we and he knows is not the case. Plus, he’s been hearing the rumor mill for years! Gorgeous, talented and a humanitarian among men, George Clooney is most definitely NOT gay but it’s when they stop talking about you one has to worry, right? Hollywood actors, especially gorgeous popular ones who seem to have their acts together, have been speculated for years by press and media if there was any pink cloud floating around them. Some of Hollywood’s leading men set my experienced Gaydar off – but that’s just me. However, I wouldn’t dare call someone Out here… only in my head and among my verbal peers. Clooney is suave, debonaire, handsome, cool, confident… and not gay! Just having to say that one more time. Check out George in his Oscar nominated role in The Descendants! Again, so gorgeous!

“Georgy Porgy kisses the girls and makes the boys cry.” Just Saying….

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    I heart him!

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