Yes, the lead singer of 80s girl-group Seduction responded to a tweet I sent out to her and Sharon Needles about Needle’s fierce portrayal of Michelle during the Snatch Game last evening on RuPaul’s Drag Race saying that she “Lived!” and that it was her time to impersonate Needles. (Side Note: L-U-V Seduction’s “Could This Be Love” and Visage’s “It’s Gonna Be (A Lovely Day) with SOUL System. WORSHIP!) Celebrities don’t always respond to my tweets (hey – being honest) but when they do like Josh Wolf, Sarah Colonna, Loni Love and LaurieAnn Gibson have, I appreciate the fact they took a minute to shout back. I’m not asking for an engagement ring (already have that!) but some love for this Media Maven would be respected and in their best interests. Just saying…

Where is this all coming from?! Last evening on RDR the Dolls played a hellacious round of Ru’s take on the 70s game show Match Game appropriately titled Snatch Game. She does it every season and for these girls to come on the show and not have a character ready then they haven’t done their homework and should go back home. Back it up… a Mini Challenge of egg laying and feather blowing took winner Phi Phi O’Hara past the other Ladykins to be called winner. Selflessly she offered her prize of a much-coveted phone call home to Chad Michaels who was celebrating her anniversary and was desperate to speak with her man. Props and pearls to O’Hara for keeping it real. That good karma saved her ass later on but I’ll get to that.

Ross Matthews who I hope to met this weekend in Las Vegas at Share Nightclub’s Grand Opening and the lovely Loretta Devine sat in the guest judges thrones next to Visage and fashion guru and quick-lipped Santino Rice. However, it was just Devine and Matthews who were the contestants in the Snatch Game. And the game (and antics) began…

Breaking it down ever so quickly, Sharon Needles did Michelle Visage D-O-W-N and Visage lived for it as did we all. I squealed watching Needles laugh and serve critique. RuPaul was obvious in her comfortable banter with Sharon. Next was Milan as a whacked-out Diana Ross that I sorta didn’t mind but knew Ross would never act or look that crazy and cross-eyed. Willam served vapid Jessica Simpson realness and did a great job. Latrice Royale played a very bothered Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin to the hilt. Why was she so bothered? Getting to that.

Jiggly played an obnoxious and obvious Snooki next to Phi Phi O’Hara’s Lady Gaga. From a seat in the back row of a Lady Gaga concert she possibly gives you Mother Monster but Gaga is demure, quiet, on her game, genuine, professional in interviews and O’Hara’s bizarre silly antics were not good. Dita Ritz gave us Wendy Williams for a bit while Kenya Michael’s Beyonce was horrendous and painful to watch. First, she should have done J-Lo, Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj because she looked nothing like Beyonce nor acted like her.

Then there was Chad Michaels as Cher, costume and wig changes galore and a performance that rocked our worlds. Mamma IS Cher. She is so on-point that it’s like BAM! Alright, Bitch (Being In Total Control of Herself.) She whurqed it, D-O-W-N. Did I leave someone out?! Anyway, it was all about Chad Michaels. And she won the Main Stage Challenge, with Sharon and Willam in a close second. Phi Phi barely escaped the dreaded bottom two which consisted of Milan and Kenya. Safe were Latrice who snapped on the other Dolls after the embarrassing antics she witnessed during the Snatch Game because that was not what she signed on for, Jiggly and Dita. Right on, Royale! I agreed. It was pure immaturity among the few.

After Madonna’s Vogue played until he very end, Milan stayed and Kenya went away. An obvious choice from this judge’s seat but you never know. Just some advice to the girls who find themselves in a “Lip-sync for your life!” moment. Find your place in the middle of the stage, sing to those judges and that spotlight and don’t be looking over at the other queen worrying about what they’re doing. Kenya is a goddess but she needs a bit more experience and growth. But girl’s mug is no punk. Translation: She’s pretty. Another lap complete!

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