When reading about Jeremy Wells and Barbara Riso at b.loved, their message is clear. Everyone wants to be themselves and be loved, without hatred nor judgment. “Their most precious baby” exudes all of that through exciting powerful logos printed on quality textiles and superior fabric. When I received my order in the mail, I was first impressed by how fast it arrived but also the t-shirts fit amazing and feel fabulous. The sleeves fit nice and snug on my arms and the v-neck is perfect length on me. I really despise t-shirts that have almost a domain sleeve with a dart. It screams cheap. The quality of products from b.loved exceeded my expectations. Plus the message they are sending is real, very timely and from their hearts for a better way of living and being loved for who we are. Each and everyone of us want that.

Check out Jeremy and Barbara’s website and mission statements at b.loved and let them know when you order one of their fierce hoodies or t-shirts that you support what they’re doing! Also check out their Facebook page and give them a LIKE! They will love being loved by you and anyone else you send their way! X


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