She came from very humble beginnings to become one of the biggest names and legends in music and film. Whitney Houston has unexpectedly died at the age of 48 years. It hasn’t been released the cause of death but unfortunately like many, Houston had a long going battle with drugs that eventually destroyed her voice and career. Sadly, the expectation is that it possibly played into her demise. What a talent she was! Whitney’s iconic music will transcend time.


Includes “The Greatest Love” and “When You Believe”

Luckily I was able to see Whitney live in concert circa ’87-’88 with friends Gena and Bifford in Nashville. Sorry to admit but she wasn’t amazing that night performance-wise. Her voice was fabulous but her moves were awkward. She never seemed like she was a natural dancer or handled choreography well. Her strong voice that resonated with fans and listeners will continue on forever. I’m sorry to say we’ll never hear that fierce Whitney that once ruled, again. I’m glad I can say I saw the lady in person.

The battles she fought with drug addiction and self-destructive demons carried on through the years and we, her fans, saw her unravel through the media’s display. I will remember the diva herself for the beautiful music she shared with us, her talents and soul. Her battle is now over and she may rest in peace. Thank You, Whitney. We will always love you!


Whitney Houston | August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

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