As we all know by now that what happens in Vegas during one of my fabulous trips is told here with every gruesome detail of debauchery. Quick recap if you’re just joining in… I love Las Vegas! Always have, always will. OK, with that said, let’s dig into the ultimate sin of having your cake and eating it, too! This is how I celebrated my birthday — my way, in Sin City during the New Years’ holiday.

I turned forty-something on 01/01 or as many call it “thirty-nine for another year.” The husband and I aren’t into big parties so we always discuss how to spend our special days respectively and that’s how we do it. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and I have a very nice relationship with one another. The place is sick! I couldn’t think of a better location for our one night getaway. This stunning resort offers everything I need for comfort and joy. Unique surroundings celebrating individuality of the guest delivering immediate results for every person’s whim or desire. And those magnificent open-air balconies are decadent.

The anticipation grew within me as flashy billboards that dress the sides of I-15 heading into Las Vegas increased in volume and intensity. Since laying low on New Year’s Eve and saving our mojo for Sin City, we lived vicariously through the bright marquees that told of The Dutchess Fergie strutting her “Fergaliciousness” at Mirage, Mary J. Blige bringing her diva style to RPM Nightclub at Tropicana and Kim Kardashian collecting her $600,000 paycheck at TAO at The Venetian for ringing in NYE.

Once we checked into The Cosmopolitan, we discovered that our upgraded suite faced the fabulous fountains of Bellagio. I was in heaven. That’s what I personally call The Cosmopolitan, “Heaven,” because it is. I immediately opened the sliding doors and caught the first of many fountain shows we would witness during our stay. We called down for the bags and within a blink they were delivered to our room and unpacked. Soon after, we headed over to Bally’s to pick up our tickets for Jubilee! and run the Strip for a few minutes before dinner.

The energy downstairs in the casino at The Cosmopolitan was still rowdy and right on target for ringing in the New Year from the night before. Wheel of Fortune slot machines shamelessly gobbled up the twenties we fed them as we strutted through. It didn’t ruin our good moods. However, it was when we entered Bally’s that there was some concern. Talk about Hunger Games.

We took the moving walkway up to Bally’s and entered. It was quite surreal being there considering the property was once MGM Grand where I would visit as an impressionable child with my parents. The hotel hasn’t changed much since then. As soon as we entered, this aggressive sales chick basically jumped on us sinking her teeth into us seeming concerned about our travel needs. I immediately replied, “Get to the pitch. We have to go.” She laughed and pushed us off on an anxious sales guy. We declined their offer and continued on to pick up the show tickets.

Downstairs I strolled through memory lane as we walked past shops where I once spent my trip allowance on Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. Although, I don’t recall desperate sales dudes standing at kiosks offering what appeared to be counterfeit Louis Vuitton and Chanel iPhone cases at special deals “because it was a slow night.” The Strip called us back outside and we were off to enjoy a birthday ritual of shameless plunges into sushi and sake oblivion back at The Cosmopolitan.

With a few minutes to spare I slid into the sunken Japanese tub back in the room for a soak and got lost in the burning neon bulbs of the Strip that radiated before me. Ah, bliss. Once arriving downstairs to Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill we ordered a ton of delicious sushi displayed extravagantly on long boards and even had a generous round of sake complements of the resort. Luckily the walk over to Bally’s afterwards for the show would help walk off our amazing cuisine.

Jubilee! celebrates its 30th anniversary and is quite spectacular still today. Topless showgirls in stunning costumes of beads and rhinestones, grand sets that rise and fall throughout, and familiar songbook classics performed with heart and experience is what any theatre addict will find nightly inside the ballroom at Bally’s. It greatly satisfied the repressed showgirl deep inside me. It’s a must-see for any true Vegas junkie. You can bet on it!

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