Many locals departed town from the heat, indeed! However, we’ve had the busiest summer I’ve ever seen at World Gym Palm Springs since I began working there seven glorious years ago! I’d place a ton of exclamation points after that last part if I could but you get the picture. It’s a pure OMG! moment. I’ve seen a lot and know even more than I care to about our fair community so when I finally say “Calgon, take me away!” I really mean it! Escapism with a splash of fantasy, and we’re all good.

Our retreat is Sin City and always has been. After some close contact with Public Relations at Wynn Las Vegas, it was brilliantly done and consumed my thoughts until arrival. We were booked up for two wonderful nights of culinary debauchery and decadent indulgence of the senses. The Wynn Las Vegas and Encore have more Forbes Five Star Awards than any other casino resort in the world, having generously homed us many times before. We’ve always loved staying there and are continually treated impeccably!

After arriving Saturday afternoon, we breezed through check-in as our bags met us in the room. I found a gorgeous chocolate sculpture welcoming us from Michael, their Niche Marketing Manager. The Wynn Las Vegas and Encore proudly offer a dedicated Pride concierge, seemingly the only LGBT concierge at a general resort in the world. Wynn Resorts has also achieved a 100% on the HRC Equality Index since first applying in 2010, securing the same score in 2011. And stands as the first casino-resort company to offer same sex partner benefits. Please find their amazing room packages geared toward the LGBT community at Wynn Pride and know you’re spending your gay dollars wisely!

Jacques and I enjoyed sushi oblivion for dinner at Wazuzu inside Encore later in the evening before finding our VIP seats at the 9:30 showing of Le Rêve. Having seen the show before it always seems magically different and impressively entertaining. With the VIP seating we also enjoyed relaxing in plush seats, bottle service of champagne with chocolate-dipped strawberries and truffles. Small monitors gave a visual taste of what’s happening backstage and below the surface of massive waters, the actual star of the show. Of course, the bald men with muscles pounding through wet skin and gorgeous ladies with synchronized skills wow audiences nightly, too.Le Rêve is undoubtedly the best entertainment on The Strip! It takes our breath away and amazes us every time we see it.

Sunday we found our spot in the Wynn Buffet line and grazed with the rest of the hungry masses. This mega-station buffet offers everything and I mean every thing one can think of wanting to devour. The deserts were killing me from the beginning and caught my eye each time I returned for more food which was a few. Afterwards, we rolled ourselves out to the pool and enjoyed time chatting folks up and experiencing a different scene than norm for us. We had a blast not knowing anyone and meeting total strangers.

That’s the great thing about Las Vegas! Many people existing together without agenda nor attitude having a good time and not judging others for who they are or what they’re doing. We never feel out of place in Vegas. Never. And of course the men are damn fine sexy. Butch buddies doing Bromance dances wearing flip-flops on perfect feet walking with fierce divas strutting in towering stilettos who know they’re looking good. Sin City is all about decadence and letting it all out. That’s why we love feeling the neon energy The Strip provides against our souls. It may sound heavy but it’s really hard to explain how Las Vegas truly makes me feel.

Sunday evening we enjoyed deliciousness at Chef David Walzog’s Lakeside including scrumptious steak grilled to perfection, jumbo shrimp and a ridiculously rich smores dessert.The picturesque Lake of Dreams with its waterfall and whimsical show across the waters provided the wonderful backdrop. Afterwards, a quick trip down to Fremont Street showed how old Vegas was struggling to compete with the newer establishment like Wynn/Encore, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and City Center. We couldn’t help but notice how dated it all looked and where the rowdy heterosexuals seemed anxiously pouring out of honkytonks.

Our car brought us around rather quickly and we pressed it back home to the Wynn for some action in the casino before heading up to a super comfortable bed. Overall, the weekend was stellar and accommodations exceptional. However, I’m still waiting for word about the sixty dollars I lost in their hateful slot machine. Curious about getting that back, if possible.

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