After getting my husband off on his whirlwind trip to France for a surprise birthday/anniversary/reunion, I made the most of being a single gal for the weekend and saw my single friends. Very Carrie Bradshaw of me, don’t you think?! Plus, I had gotten some beautiful new Christian Louboutins in mauve with buttons and I wanted to show them off. Well, let me correct myself. It was a Brooks Brothers shirt and I did get a good number of compliments. Cue laughter. Fade in.

The sun was just coming up as I returned home from PSP Airport and I did a round of cleaning on the house before heading into work. I had made plans to meet co-worker and partner in crime for the weekend John Lustenring at Wang’s in the Desert for drinks after work and then off to some dinner. I am rarely privy to experiencing the actual Happy Hour on Friday’s at Wang’s because when we go we quickly scoot in and are whisked off safely to our table for dinner. It’s a whole other scene on the patio.

Once I arrived and whipped my Wrangler into a makeshift parking place (yes, I have nerve) owner Joel poured me some poison from behind the bar and I pressed it around the room saying hello to those I knew and many I didn’t. Best thing to do in crowded situations like that is to smile and acknowledge everyone as you move them out of your way making your path, cocktail in tow. Big bear hugs to my UK blokes Jonnie and Jeff for ordering my tour t-shirt of The Saturdays. You both were feeling really good! My cocktail slowly drained through my straw (yes, very dainty) and while picking up sexy daddy-bear Jim G. along the way, we three punched it towards the new hotspot on Palm Canyon, BIRBA.

The location is next to Cheeky’s and is more of an open-air upscale bar that serves delicious pizza and salads with cocktails. When you walk in BIRBA you are transported to a hotel rooftop in Los Angeles with its perfectly positioned trees, fire pit, modern white couches and clear orange chairs. A mix of electronica and lounge music pipes through speakers and live DJs spin nightly. Our waitress Sunny had been there since they had opened a few months ago and described the crowd as 60/40 along the lines of gay/straight ratio. It seemed more even to us. However, everyone was just enjoying the gorgeous weather and appreciating life considering the devastation in Japan and beyond. Surely you’ve seen the video from CNN of the earth slowly cracking and moving back and forth with water forming underneath it. Freaky doesn’t begin to describe it. Mother Nature will always have her say over ours.

I had just told some visitors from Chicago who were returning to rain and cold that we take our weather here in Palm Springs for granted. The next day I was saying that we take our lives for granted. The massive earthquake in Japan, aftershocks and tsunamis that followed should be a wakeup call for those not doing what they want to be doing, not being with the ones they want to be with. How many lives do you have?! One. You’re not a cat with nine so today is the day. Right now is the time. You don’t have tomorrow. Possibly. But not certain. As Tim McGraw croons, “Someday I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying.” Don’t wait to the last minute to wish. Please. Yes, this seems like it should be the end of my “Spill” but as life must go on, so does my column because it’s not yet finished.

Saturday I had a intriguing interview with celebrity photographer Tim Courtney at our house for an upcoming issue of The Bottom Line and attended an intimate cocktail soiree at Luis and Mike’s at their stunning home that evening. Afterwards, I gave myself an A- for my efforts grilling my very first streak and frying my own fresh fries for dinner. My man cooks. I eat. Sunday I caught some sunshine during the World Gym Gorillas victory game at Demuth Park and met John at the Barracks for some manly drink before seeing the lip-syncing girls do drag at busting-at-the-seams Toucan’s. Expand your cage to fit more birds, I encourage.

After the show I dropped in on the T-Dance going on at DIGS in Cathedral City called “Sloppy 2nd Sundays.” The men were horny, Eric Mitchell was flagging and saliva was the drink of the hour. Peaked your interest?! It’s the second Sunday of the month at the former Club W location. Check out their web domain htp:// for more tea. Come dressed to decompress in less. I’m out. Live it, people. I’m just sayin’.

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